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May Member of the Month: Marissa Mihos

Member since: September 18, 2020

“I have been fortunate enough to have Marissa as a group class athlete as well as a 1on1 client.  She comes to class excited and ready to challenge herself on all fronts.  When Marissa is here, she is a gem to have in class both as an athlete and someone to workout alongside of.  She has taken on the endeavor of starting her own small business which focuses on wellness and recovery called Revival Collective.  We are super excited to see that new vision unfold for her.” 

-Coach Sara

I was born and raised in Massachusetts but have always seen myself as more of a West Coast type of person. I have a 7 year old daughter, Lily-James (“LJ”), who is just pure magic. LJ and I share our home with our 9-year old boxer, named Maya, who never leaves my side and is my spirit animal. We have two cats – Jax (named after Jax from Sons of Anarchy) and Miss Helen (LJ named her after my best friend’s mother). I choose books over Netflix. I love music – especially live music – if I had grown up in the 70’s, I would have most definitely been a combination of Daisy Jones & Penny Lane from Almost Famous (well minus the quaaludes – maybe  ). My favorite place to be is by the ocean. This is starting to sound more like a dating app profile so I’ll just stop here. 

Why did I join CF Torque? Coming out of COVID, I needed something different. I have belonged to a handful of gyms in the past and there were days I would drive to the gym and not even get out of my car or would go in, do a lap, and leave. I felt comfortable from day one – I can’t even remember my first few times at Torque now – seems like I’ve just always been here!  

I keep coming back to Torque because of The Torque Tribe – love them all! I love how it doesn’t go unnoticed if someone has new sneakers. I love the energy in the gym. I love knowing that no matter how challenging the workout, I’ll get through it because of the people I’m surrounded by and that there will undoubtedly be lots of laughs throughout.   

My proudest accomplishment thus far is that I’m still here 2.5 years later!  Also that I’ve done a bunch of things I never would have thought I could do – like run a 5K, do a jumping bar muscle up and survive through 3 CrossFit Opens! 

My biggest challenge has been my mindset. I know that I am strong but my mind gets the best of me at times – like I’ve already failed the rep or movement in my mind before I even attempt it. If I know how much weight is on the bar, I will fixate on that number and tell myself it’s too heavy. However, if I have no idea how much weight is on there (like during my bench presses with Kim Kipp), I will at least give it everything I’ve got. 

My favorite movements are Deadlifts and anything with dumbbells (except Thrusters and Devils Press)  

A piece of advice to anyone starting CrossFit is to Dismiss any preconceived ideas about what Crossfit is and come see for yourself. CrossFit is different for everyone. You’ll never know how CrossFit will fit into your life (and how it will ultimately change your life) and what it will mean for you, until you try it for yourself. I myself had to ignore what people had filled my head with for years and I’m so happy I did!

I do have a superpower and it’s my intuition. Something that I only started tapping into 3 years ago but always knew it was there. It’s how I make most of my decisions in life and especially now with starting a business. 

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