Meet New Personal Trainer Steve!

We’d like to welcome to Torque, Coach Steve Gurtowski who will be one of our Personal Trainers on staff. He has over twenty-four years of fitness experience working with all ages of amazing humans. We are excited to have a well-rounded Coach on staff who can help change lives. Coach Steve is looking forward to working with you!

Read more about Steve below:

Confidence in your ability to meet life’s physical demands is one of the key aspects of living well, and Steve is committed to helping you fit fitness into your life. 

With a mix of sensible strength training and smart lifestyle strategies, Steve offers clients what he calls “intelligent fitness.” One of his core beliefs being that smart fitness training doesn’t rely on high-tech equipment or the latest workout trends. Instead, he uses time-tested tools for building strength and conditioning. 

He gives individualized attention to help you move well and sensibly hone strength for long-term wellness.

Every client enjoys a personalized training plan with their specific fitness levels and goals in mind, whether it’s building strength for health and longevity or recovering from an injury.

Steve has over 24 years of strength, health, and fitness coaching under his belt. His training philosophy is based on time-proven practices and grounded in experience. His interest in fitness began as he watched his role model, his grandmother, maintain her strength well into her 80s by staying active and working on her farm. As a result, “keep moving to keep healthy” became the cornerstone of his philosophy. Like many, Steve started lifting weights for football in high school. His serious training and education began while playing football at the University of Buffalo. 

One of his specialties is working with active older exercisers and athletes, and he has 10 years of experience working with people over 65 years old. As a student of physical culture, Steve has a broad base of knowledge ranging from bent-pressing to Indian clubs to grip training.

In his career Steve has worked with cyclists, downhill skiers, hockey players, dancers and most recently with youth soccer players from his daughter’s team. He is fan of all fruit pies and in search of the best rhubarb pie ever made.”

Interested in working with Coach Steve on a personal training level? Or one of our PT’s? Reach out to us to talk more! We have available spots between 11am-4pm most days! Admin@

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