Monday 110228

Today is the last day to sign-up for the 1 month $100 unlimited group class membership! (Only valid for new members and members who’s month is up) Stop by or call for more details.
Now let’s get down to business…
Strengths & Skills:
Weighted Lunges: work up to 3 moderately heavy sets of 5
Max rep Chin-ups x 3 sets
10 min AMRAP of
7 Hang Power Cleans, 95/65#
7 Chest Slap Push-Ups
Post rounds to comments.

back lever 1 110226
Back Lever work, 02/26/11

barbell rollout 1 110226
Barbell Rollouts, 02/26/11

tabata pushups 2 110226
Tabata Push-ups! Part II of Saturday's WOD


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