More than a Gym

Unfortunately, most people spend more on unhealthy food per month than they do on their health and fitness.

While it’s very easy to drop near $100 on a dinner out for a family or four, most people can’t fathom spending more than $50 per month on their ‘gym membership’.

“Gym memberships” don’t equate to health and fitness. the goal of gyms who sell “access to equipment” is for 10,000 people to sign up and have only 20% of them show up on a regular basis.

Well, we are a gym, but that’s not what you pay for here. Our goal is to have 100% of our members show up on a regular basis so we can coach them. That’s the difference: coaching.

You aren’t paying for a gym membership here. You’re paying for a Coach for:

  • help,
  • guidance,
  • accountability,
  • acknowledgement on the good days and
  • support on the bad days.

We are just different here … and that’s a good thing.

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people working out in a group fitness class


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