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New Year…. Improved You!

The New Year tends to be a time where we feel like we are going to start fresh. We are going to make changes and improve upon from last year. 2020 brought many challenges to everyone in different ways and I think we can all agree with that.

I have worked as a dietitian for almost 8 years now and I find it invigorating to help others. When someone struggles to lose weight, eat better, feel better or just hold them selves more accountable, I am there. It’s my job but I don’t look at it as a “job” because it truly is my passion.

Everyone’s life changed in different ways this past year. Many people became more sedentary, their eating habits suffered and some saw the weight creep in the wrong direction.

What’s done is done and we need to move forward. Onto 2021 and continue to work on ourselves!

Instead of “resolutions” let’s set goals. First of all, change the word ‘resolution’ because so many people don’t stay true to their resolutions that the word has become somewhat negative. By setting ‘goals’ or ‘plans’ then it is more positive.

Here are some other tips for making goals that you can keep!

  • Be Positive! – Try to focus on goals that add in more rather than take out. For example instead of saying “I’m going to quit sitting on the couch after dinner” try saying “I’m going to add in a walk after dinner with my spouse.”

  • Be Specific! – Don’t make a plan that’s too broad. Instead of saying “I want to lose 50 pounds this year” start by saying “I want to exercise more and focus on eating more vegetables.” Think about the action steps you need to take to reach that goal. With consistency of healthy habits the weight will follow!

  • Small steps lead to big results! – Break your main goal into smaller steps. When you set a goal you have to think, “How am I going to get there?” If you want to eat more vegetables then make a goal of washing and cutting your vegetables when you come home from the food store, which, will ultimately lead you to eating more vegetables during the week.

  • Reward yourself with non-food items. – If you reach a weight loss goal, or if you workout 4x/week like you had wanted to for a whole month, then don’t reward yourself with junk food. Instead, buy a new pair of sneakers, a new jump rope, a workout outfit or something else that will motivate you to keep going.

  • Stay Consistent! – Don’t give up. It’s not about what you do once in a while that will lead you to success; it’s about what you do all of the time!

Bottom line is that the world can be crazy around you, yet you NEED to be stronger then it. There are so many different things that you cannot control, like a pandemic, but YOU CAN control what you put into your body.

Always here to help!

Jamie Norton RD LDN

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