November Athlete Focus: Nate Ackman

Member Since Jan 11, 2014

“Nate is awesome to have in classes! He’s a quiet, yet strong beast – and he brings the level of focus up a notch when he’s in class! It’s been great having him a part of Torque for almost 6 years!” -Amanda

“I’m a creative & graphic design professional, and I love rugby and heavy metal!

I decided to try CrossFit Torque back in 2014 as an approach to being next-level fit for rugby. Lots of my teammates on the Boston Irish Wolfhounds RFC told me about CrossFit, and we also did quite a bit of pre-season bootcamp-type workouts that interested me. So, when my wife and I moved out to the Wrentham area and got all into kid-family mode, I could no longer commit to rugby and eventually was looking for an alternative to fit my updated lifestyle and responsibilities. And thence came TORQUE!

The awesome coaches, and amazing community is what keeps me coming back week after week. The fact that it’s conveniently located on route one doesn’t hurt either !

I have to say, when I realized I could suddenly climb a damn rope — that blew my mind! I have specific memories of NOT being able to do that when I was in like, 3rd grade or whatever. So to be able to do as an adult is really great. Oh and double-unders are cool. 

My biggest challenge is getting there enough and on a consistent basis. I’m quick to let myself make excuses. But once I’m there, I hope to see my favorite movement on the board: deadlift!

I’m so glad I found the workouts at CrossFit Torque, so my advice to you if you are wanting to try it, but hesitant to take that first step: What are you waiting for? Get on it already!”

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