November Monthly Challenge

Join us for The November Challenge!

A few movements along with some opportunities to express thanks to ones that make a difference in your life. This could be your partner, your employee/coworker, or your coach.

Since November is known as the NATIONAL GRATITUDE MONTH, we would like to add that concept of appreciation into the month’s challenge.  

Like BINGO, the athlete will fill in all the squares to win a prize.  All athletes that complete the month’s challenge will be given a gift from Torque.  TORQUE is a game to match the day’s challenge with your competitive drive.

For example, on November 4th, the athlete is asked to go for a 30 minute walk, fulfill the challenge and check off the square. Similarly on November 8th, again the athlete is challenged with a task specifically this one is 10 burpees and write a thank you to someone that makes a difference in one’s life.  For your convenience, CFT will supply the cards, envelopes and even a stamp.  

Each day, the athlete will complete the task, check off the square, just like BINGO and once the month is complete  – YOU are granted a gift from CFT. 

Worth noting, through the Grateful Month of November, you will complete 500 burpees, write 5 thank you notes, spend time in meditation or yoga, and maybe even go for a small run.  You should be proud!! 

During the course of the month’s challenge, if one misses a day or 2, get back on and double up the days, it is ok to play catch-up! (We do it all the time in our lives). Please do not do the challenge or complete the challenge because one missed a day here or there.  Get back up and continue the journey through the month.  

Attached is a copy of the game, TORQUE. Please note that it is 2 sided. The front is the game board and the back, we have supplied links to yoga and meditation sites since on November 9th and 20th, the challenge is that. We will have copies of the game board in the gym, also.  And the link for the No Sweat Intro from the CrossFit Torque site ‘invite a friend day” on November 13th.  

Enjoy the month’s challenge of strength and gratitude!!   If you have any questions regarding the challenge, please see Chris or one of the coaches.  

Gratefully, Amanda and Coaches

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