Obstacle Course Race Training!

Obstacle Course Race Training!

8 weeks of Training to Prepare you for your next Obstacle Course Race!

Join Coach Alex as he programs workouts to get your body ready for the challenges it will face during your next race!
Movements will tax your grip, increase your upper body strength, and increase your leg endurance.
Workouts will include pegboard work, sled pushes, sled pulls, core movements, monkey bars, tire flips, atlas stones, running, sandbags, heavy rope pulls, rope climbs, sledgehammers and a whole lot more!
When: Thursday’s 6-7pm (will meet outside rig area; CrossFit adult class still happens inside at 6pm) and Saturday’s 10-11am. Runs the weeks of March 8 to April 28, 2018.
Pricing Options: $15 / class. $99 for 8 classes, $199 for 16 classes. Cash only.
Register: Email Amanda@CrossFitTorque.com if you would like to purchase one of the class packs; otherwise please drop in to the class when you can and pay the individual cash fee!


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