October Member of the Month: Brooke Snyder

Member Since February 18, 2022, Friend of Torque since 2014!

Every passion I pursue, I have a ready to play mentality, a willingness to learn and a commitment to what lights me up! I go ALL IN and ask myself these questions: Does it add peace? Joy? FUN? Contribute to co-creating and collaborating? Growth for the greater and highest good? Is it dark chocolate? Ha! 

This year I’ve sprinted towards my childhood loves: writing, teaching/presenting, dancing and playing! I’m writing a book. I joined the Hay House writers community earlier this year and am enjoying the creative process. My working title is “41.” I’ll have a subtitle soon. The book is a blend of poetic essays and a teaching memoir. A podcast to follow…some of you are already excited to be a guest! Shout out to Liz and Lunie! 

I grew up dancing and doing gymnastics and took up pole lessons, because why not? I go to the batting cages in honor of me and my dad, so if you hear some swearing or trash talk in #9 slow pitch softball, that’s me. I’m going to try an improv class in the next few weeks and possibly an 8 week series, because why not part 2. 

I am LOVING teaching and coaching the teens class at CrossFit Torque! Reunited with my roots working with kids! 

Some additional passions are going to the movies by myself or with company. I’m a hand holder and will share my junior mints and peanut m&m’s. Duxbury beach is my favorite beach, no matter the season. I walk every morning around Lake Massapoag in Sharon, the town I grew up in. Netflix, Amazon and Spotify are a true reflection of my diverse interests and values. Starbucks cold brew is my jam. Life Is Good and Home Tee have all my money. I buy myself country roses from Trader Joe’s every week. I believe I was a rapper in another life. I enjoy concerts in my car. Table pancakes are always a yes. 

I really want to go to a Celtics game this season. I highly recommend the Legacy: The True Story of the LA Lakers on Hulu. I also am committed to taking a vacation this holiday season! Warm weather and water activities, yes please. I haven’t been on a vacation since I was a kid. I also love LOVING the people that I love! Say that five times fast 😜 surprise small things that bring ease, joy or a just because. Because that’s what life is all about. 

I joined Torque because I was in search of a community that I could call my own where I could workout 5-6 days a week again. In 2014, Amanda was kind enough to give me the opportunity to bring Yoga to Torque and then again in 2019, when I was teaching and coaching as a solopreneur, and offered “Mobilizing Your Mind.” 

Prior to joining in late February 2022, I experimented with a few other non CrossFit gyms, but the heart wants what the heart wants! In my 12 years of CrossFit, I’ve taken breaks that were needed and am always up for the random boxing or spin class (I even tried water aerobics with the elderly at Lifetime Fitness in 2020) 

Within 10 seconds of reuniting with Amanda, I was “unlimited.” And then my conversations with Sara and Chris and watching a few members do an Open workout, I was in! Then I got to take Brian’s class after switching to night classes and here we are! You all know how I feel about you because I always tell you! I’m so grateful. 

I keep coming back to Torque because of the very special people and connections in and outside of the gym. It truly is home. Dancing and hanging out with Ember. 

My biggest accomplishment thus far is completing the weightlifting series with Coach Morgan. It was an absolute blast and I’m grateful to have worked my way back in my strength numbers. 

I am challenged by getting my rest day in and letting go of my past performance but I do not use my previous numbers to work against me. It’s a little bittersweet though to squat and deadlift heavy, and it’s also an opportunity to build an even stronger foundation than ever, which I’ll take. 

My favorite movement is the Clean & Jerk because it says “I’m here! And I’m celebrating!” I love everything this movement represents too because it demands you to go from the bottom, to relying and depending on yourself to bring the weight up and then go overhead?! It’s pure magic! And full of flow! 

For those of you thinking of joining CrossFit Torque, here’s what I have to say:The “thought” of joining that starts out like a whisper and becomes louder is a very normal human experience and the moment you DECIDE I’m going to join, your human brain is going to flood you with THOUGHTS to keep you “safe.”  Your brain is trying to protect you from venturing outside its comfort zone. Isn’t it ironic that you’re choosing to invest in your mental, emotional and physical health and your brain says “Nahh, braahh let’s eat chips and watch Netflix.”  Expect these THOUGHTS and use them as “thought errors” to overcome because the version of you who enjoys chips and Netflix is also the same version who can overcome challenges, and surprise yourself with how strong, capable and deserving you are to FEEL ALIVE. 

Don’t wait to live. Go for it like Connect Four! And since you are starting something hard, be easy on yourself. You can do hard things without the unnecessary pressure of being extra hard on yourself. 

What’s changed in my life since joining is that I’ve come alive. I’ve spent 41 years hoping and wishing to be part of a community like this. And for the exact experiences, like the ones I’ve been experiencing, I’ve always wanted to find. My dreams have come true and it’s because I decided and will continue to decide to show up, come hell or high water. And I’ll dance and crack up and laugh and cry and lift and have THE BEST TIME. 

In my 12 years of CrossFit and as a human who always wanted to feel safe, peaceful and at home within myself, I always wanted something that was MINE. I was determined to create that this year and I have. 

Don’t ask for permission to create the experiences you want to have. The adults aren’t coming. You are the adult. And you are worthy of your own love, and to treat yourself with the highest level of respect and honor what’s in your heart and soul. 

My superpower – Teleport me, let’s go! Second, would be to lead all of the neurodivergent children towards their superpowers, which is next for me. 

Much love and chips and Netflix!  I’m honored to be a member of the month and love you all! Thank you! 

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