Power Hour Pt 4 Recap!

Power Hour Pt 4 Recap!

It’s Saturday morning on September 30th 2017, the day of Coach Jake’s 4th Power Hour:  A program he came up with to test the physical and mental limits of his athletes.  Once per month, a bold few sign up for what they know will be an hour of their life designed to punish them.  And they do so happily with smiles all around.  Because they love this stuff, they seek the challenge and want to test their limits.  
It’s just past 10:15 when Coach Jake calls everyone to the whiteboard; this month the workout is a little different: it’s partner style. He has already announced who the teams are; now it’s time to prepare.  
The game plan for the hour is explained; careful to only reveal the first parts of the hour, leaving the final workout as a mystery.

The first two WODs are as follows:
“GI Jane and then Some” (11 Minute Cap)
150 Burpee Pull-ups with a Partner.
*The highest a team got was 146!*

Then Rest for 4 Minutes.
Then an AMRAP in 10 Minutes of:
3 Power Cleans,
3 Front Squats,
3 Lateral Burpees Over the Bar.
*The weight was 45% of your 1 Rep Max Front Squat* *Athletes must go Round for Round*

From there, they rested, and Coach Jake brought them in to explain the final WOD.
Each team of 2 must find another team of 2 to partner up becoming a team of 4. Within each team of 4, one athlete is assigned to one particular exercise: sit-ups, air squats, push-ups, or pull-ups.

The athlete doing the sit-ups and the athlete doing the squats went first: their challenge was to complete as many reps as possible within two minutes. Their counterpart teammates counted reps and kept standards for them.
After exhausting themselves with a max effort, a quick one minute rest put them to their next challenge: count reps and hold standards for the two teammates completing pull-ups and push-ups.

DONE! It was an exhausting hour for all of the athletes. After high-fives all around and making sure they were ‘good to go’, Coach Jake exposed the secret that the scores from the final workout didn’t count towards their overall score!

Moans and groans could be heard everywhere.

So after a calculating all the scores from the first two workouts, a 2-way tie was discovered: Dave and Merrr & Steve and Rachael. They elected to share the crowns as co-champions, and brag until next month’s challenge begins!22140836 10210393406973817 815163066434783048 n
Coach Jake is proud of all you who came and challenged yourselves this past Saturday!
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