September 2022 Member of the Month: Anderson Arlotta

Member Since: March 5, 2022

My name is Anderson Arlotta – I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and moved to the US when I was 23 years old.  I am currently an IT Security Professional and I work for The Kraft Group. I am not married but I have a feeling this will change this year ….  Magda and I, who have a 10 year old son, Ben, are thinking about officializing our relationship. Growing up I wanted to become a pilot and came to the United States to learn English to increase my chances to obtain a position in the Airline Pilot Career.  I did start pilot school and I have about 35 Hours of flight experience in a Robinson 22 Helicopter. I did not complete the pilot training because of the cost of training and the career outlook. I decided to  pursue a different professional career in technology, which is one of my great passions.  Flying a machine is amazing but unfortunately not an easy field to get into and succeed; maybe I will take it up again down the road – my secret superpower.  I am happy I made the decision to switch careers however. 

What brought me to Torque, at first, was the location. CrossFit Torque is conveniently located on Route 1 South side and I drive past it every day! I used to take classes at a gym down the street, but my new role at work started to conflict with the class times; so I needed to make a change. One morning as I was getting my breakfast at the Dunkin Donuts across from Torque, I said, why not there!! Soon after that, the care and attention of the Coaches and the people I workout with became the reason why I am still a member.  My favorite thing about CrossFit Torque is the friendly environment.

My proudest moment up to this point is the progression towards a full body weight pull up. This is still one of my main goals but the fact that I can pull myself towards the bar through scaled options feels amazing. I am halfway there!!!!! 

The greatest challenge for me is coming to classes in a consistent manner. I recently got promoted, which is terrific, but my workload and responsibilities have tripled. I continue to work on my schedule.

We, at times, discuss our favorite movements at CrossFit Torque – for me, I enjoy many but not one particularly stands out; however if you ask me which one is my least favorite, for sure, the dreaded Burpees!!!!

Advice that I like to share after being a member now for almost 6 months. Before joining I thought I was not “fit enough” to take CrossFit classes. I honestly joined because I really wanted to take fitness classes and the only option I had, close to my work, was Torque. I am glad it happened!! You really do not need to be “fit enough” to join, you actually will get “fit enough”, at your own pace, when you join. 

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