September Athlete Focus: Roger Bourassa!

September Athlete Focus:  Roger Bourassa

“Roger is probably one of the nicest guys you’ll meet. He always comes with a great outlook and attitude, and is ready to try new things in class! Our leader in the Spartan Race realm, Roger is an inspiration to a lot of his fellow CrossFit friends!”

– Coach Amanda

Member since: October 2, 2014.

“In 2013  I broke my right arm and left wrist  – at the same time – in a downhill mountain biking accident trying to keep up with my 16-year-old nephew; I was 48.  The accident had a profound impact on my perception of mortality and virility. I felt helpless and vulnerable; and was going to be turning 50 soon – ugh.  

I decided to embrace and celebrate this milestone with youthful vigor.  I was going to begin my 51st year of life in the best physical shape I have ever been in.  To achieve this I would need a valiant goal. How about becoming the fastest in my age group in Spartan Race?  I signed up for 10 races, all at once, for the 2015 season. Now, how to prepare? 

I had heard about CrossFit – my older sister was doing it out in Wyoming – and had seen Torque pop up next to Chace Building Supply, so I summoned my courage and decided to check it out.  And it did take courage; I was uncertain, nervous, and way outside my comfort zone. But Jake – I think it was Jake, I at least want to believe it was Jake – he fits well in this story, the handsome young man that he is – who welcomed me, a vulnerable older guy, into the fold of Torque’s culture – I was hooked.  So much so that Amanda and I worked together to provide CrossFit classes for my students at the time. Under Vanessa and Amanda’s coaching, my students and I enjoyed three 8-week sessions with Torque, and I went on to win Spartan races in my age group and became the #2 Spartan Race competitor in my age group – in the country – in 2017.  I had achieved my goal of being in the best physical shape in my life at age 50 – and it was Torque, the people at Torque, coaches and athletes alike, who made it possible. Thank you all!

Although I’m not winning Spartan races anymore, my commitment to physical health and well being is unwavering and I attribute this to Torque. I am content on trying to master the stationery hand-stand; an incredible feat in itself, which feels great when I am able to hold it for more than five seconds.

Torque is woven into the fabric of my life.  It’s become essential; someplace I consistently want to go, because what it does for me is, well, good.  Thank you fellow athletes and coaches – you rock. Keep up the good work – and keep moving. “

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