Survive the Holidays & Jumpstart 2019

Survive the Holidays & Jumpstart 2019

A 6 week Accountability Program!

We all know the struggles we face during the holidays. We want to be there by your side to help you through it!
The average American goes into the new year with aspirations of creating improved versions of themselves … but why wait? We say to start now! After 8 years, we’ve learned some things about how to take care of our beloved TorqueNation humans. Specifically, we’ve learned about how things can go to sh$t during the winter months. It’s tough to balance training with our social and travel schedules. It’s a struggle to eat for our fitness goals because of tasty holiday foods. And it’s easy to say “I’ll wait for the new years resolution train to come pick me up”.

We feel you. We hear you. We are here, for you.

We want you to enjoy your holiday season and make time for your festive shindigs without crapping the bed on your fitness goals!!
Keep an eye out for our video which introduces you to the goals of the program, explain macronutrients, how to create better habits and an intro on how to survive the holidays!

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.

Sound like you could benefit from this? Great! Register for our 6 week program and receive all of the below:

  • Personalized Private meeting with one of our dedicated coaches to discuss goals & set a plan – must bring 1 week of a food log to meeting
  • Teams! Pair up with 2 fellow CrossFit friends as your accountability partners – in and outside of the gym – create a name for the three of you!
  • Personally assigned to an accountability coach – one of our coaches will mentor you through the program on a daily texting basis
  • Swag bag: CrossFit Torque cinch bag, RX bar sample, Fuel for Fire sample, Ascent Protein single serving and a CFT Shaker Bottle
  • An example of what your food distribution on your plate could look like
  • 2 Body Composition Scans on the InBody to get a baseline (beginning) and see progress (end of the challenge)
  • Body Measurements: arms, legs, chest, waist & hips (beginning & end)
  • Complete three Physical Tests (beginning & end) – for personal records
  • Receive a Custom Tee-Shirt to rock during the program!!
  • Daily Log Book – the more you write, the better you’ll eat!
  • Access to the Private Facebook page where you’ll find support, recipes, tips and tricks during the six weeks
  • Education & Tips for using MyFitnessPal
  • 1 extra CrossFit class each week added to your membership for the duration of the program! Get your fitness on!
  • Point System to track progress
  • Weekly challenges to keep things interesting!
  • Community driven results: Great opportunity to get your family involved and eating healthier during the holiday festivities! And if they want to officially do the program with you, they are welcome to sign up as well!


How are we going to track our progress and results?

** Daily point System & Log Book ** Body Composition Scans (PBF & SMM) ** Body Measurements ** How YOU feel!


I’m in – Register me! 

Let’s talk Incentives

… if losing body fat, increasing skeletal muscle mass, losing inches, and feeling better weren’t enough; how about we throw in some CASH prizes!?!?  There will be four winners each receiving a cash prize and 35% off their next nutrition session!
The holidays are a time to spend time with loved ones, spoil those around us and enjoy life. We want to make sure you take care of yourself, so that you can take care of others! Give yourself a chance to prove what you’re made of.

Begins Monday November 26.

Register yourself by emailing $137.99 is due upon registration.

We are only accepting 10 ready-and-willing registrations to ensure personalized attention throughout the six weeks – so don’t hesitate to register!

Having the right mindset going into the 6 weeks is going to be vital. You are in control! Don’t let anyone make you feel bad for portion control, or watching what you eat. People will always offer you more to eat, or say “come on, have more”. Just remember why you are doing this!  You will feel much better the next morning knowing you ate well and treated your body right!

Okay, Register me! 

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