Teens: Get Outside & Play!

Parents – Have you been fighting to peel your kids away from a screen and get them outside? Does your teen ignore you or deflect when you ask them pretty much anything, even more than they did BEFORE this period of quarantine began?
Our children were locked in for almost 3 months, isolated from their friends and feeling the effects of the lack of structure and regular physically-active play. While some teens are able to get outside more, the lack of sports camps and games is still harsh. Some kids might seem uncharacteristically withdrawn and quiet; while some share their pent-up energy with loud and uncontrolled bursts of noise and action. You might feel like your teen has managed to vanish right in their very own bedrooms, drifting online, looking for connection.
If you are noticing these behaviors in your children, you’re not alone. Many parents are sharing their concern and frustration and are looking for help.
The GREAT NEWS is that teen programs at Torque are back in action!
The last three weeks, resuming our Teen Classes (ages 13-17) almost broke the booking software as they were so eager to book their reserved spot in the classes!  Coach Vanessa loved seeing them reconnecting with others in their age group, as they gathered within the physical distancing parameters laid out with individual stations on our blacktop area. Everyone was loving getting their sweat on together, and the smiles were epic as they re-learned skills in the fundamentals that we teach.
Your teens need STRUCTURE and something to do! Sign them up for the Teen Classes TODAY!
Email admin@crossfittorque.com to sign up or receive more information.

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