Barnet Cohen

"TorqueNation is what community is all about."

Barnet Cohen

I have been a member of CrossFit Torque (“CFT”) since March 2012. I am not an athlete and was never one when I was younger. I am in my mid 40s and have been working out regularly for years. I like to run road races and I used to attend spin class daily for years, but it wasn’t until I attended my free CrossFit class back in March 2012 that I realized what this crazy thing called CrossFit is all about.

Since then, I have enjoyed coming to classes at CFT and have made so many friends along the way. The things I am able to accomplish now I would never have dreamed would be possible. For those people reading this and have heard CrossFit is a cult or a bunch of crazy people, you are half right. I would instead use the words community and dedicated instead of cult and crazy. You can be the judge, though.

When was the last time you walked into your gym and almost everyone knew you by name and your abilities and made sure you didn’t do things you weren’t comfortable doing? When was the last time you said aloud, “I can’t do that” and then weeks later, you were doing it? Come check it out here, you won’t be sorry.

#TorqueNation is what community is all about.

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