Thanksgiving Preparation

Ok guys, some quick tips for those of you that are on a fat loss quest!
I believe it is important to enjoy and indulge on Thanksgiving, especially since it only comes once a year. Everybody knows I love my sweets and desserts!!! However, there still is a way you can do that while minimizing the damage that can be done from eating boatloads of carbs, grains, and other crappy processed foods..
So……..Here are some tips.
1. Restrict carbohydrates the whole day leading up to Thanksgiving Dinner and Dessert. Eggs and Bacon for breakfast!!!
This will ensure that you have some room in the muscles to store some of those carbs you’ll be eating later at dinner and dessert.
2. Avoid multiple glasses of eggnog and wine. You can easily acquire 100+ grams of carbs alone on these! Easy on the potatoes, stuffing, and rolls. Not saying you can’t have them, but don’t go crazy. Try to keep the starches to a minimum. Load up on the good stuff! TURKEY…and any other kind of meat! Remember, if you are like me, dessert is the time to indulge!
3. Do a quick, intense workout at some point in the day, before dinner. 50-100 burpees performed for time would suffice. Tabata airsquats and pushups would work well also.
This will improve insulin sensitivity in the muscles, and will direct some of those carbs from dinner and dessert into the muscles, and not into that vicious cycle of body fat storage and synthesis.
Thats all I got guys. Have a great Thanksgiving, and enjoy the time spent with your friends and loved ones!
-Coach Kenny

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