Blue light

The Green Light to Cut Back on the Blue Light

TorqueNation! Coach Cam here once again with some insights I’d love to share with you. 

Today I want to talk about something that I am guilty of on a regular basses are most of us in the world today.

Screens taking over our lives, and while I am sure you can assume why that’s bad and the negative effects of blue light and staring at a screen all day on your own, I want to talk about the negatives it brings specifically into your fitness.

Obviously the light from your screen keeps you up when you’re scrolling in bed which takes some of your sleep away from you which is important for not only your recovery, but also your ability to gain and build muscle to be a more fit athlete.

The biggest one for me though is the biggest thief of joy brought on by social media: the comparisons made to those we see online whether Facebook or Instagram. I have tried over the last few years tried to look at it like this: the things we see online are the highlights and the best of the best when it comes to a workout, vacation, or really anything in life. No one posts the bad or the ‘not impressive’ for the most part.

We have to learn to not compare.

I have had days when I thought I killed the workout and then I see whoever on IG doing 150% more than I did and I’m immediately down on myself. Over the years I have worked on that to look at it more in awe than in jealousy. I encourage you all to try that for a week and see how you reflect differently on things we see online as opposed to the things we do ourselves.

All of us kill it everyday in every way we can and I know that I would rather live my own highlight reel and be part of all yours in person than just seeing it on insta.

Keep up the amazing work everyone and I will see you soon! 

-Coach Cam

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