Thursday 110616

The CF Games North East Regional is tomorrow, saturday and sunday at Reebok in Canton, MA.
Anyone that wants to come hang out and watch, we will have a tent there. Feel free to get Amanda’s cell # from the gym to meet up with her!
For more info on the event, directions to Reebok, schedules of events go to our website.
Today’s Workouts of the Day:
10 Rounds, each for time
50m Sprint
Burpee Challenge
6 minutes total….
6 Burpees, every 30 seconds
All reps must be completed within the 30 seconds before you can move on
Post fastest sprint time and if you completed the challenge or what round you got to!
barbara 1 110615
barbara 2 110615
barbara 3 110615

wod board 110615
BARBARA results

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