Thursday 110721

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Noon Class

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Wall Walks, noon class

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Wall Walks, noon class

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Jay's new Inov8s

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4:30pm Class

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Wal Walks, 4:30 class

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Julie kicking butt on the Wall Walks

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Wall Walks, 5:30pm class

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Wall Walks, 5:30pm class

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Proper Deadlift Technique Explained

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WOD Results Wed July 20, 2011

Ring Strengths:
Wide Ring Support / Ring Plank Play
Ring Fly / Ring Extension
Team WOD:
100 Parallette Shoot Throughs
100 Box Jumps, 30″ / 24″
One person works while the other rests. Complete all shoot throughs before moving onto the Box Jumps.
Post Results to comments.

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