Tuesday 110823 "Death by…"

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Weighted Pull-ups, Mon 8-22-11

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Weighted Pull-ups, Mon 8-22-11

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Weighted Pull-ups, Mon 8-22-11

wod board 110819
Results, Fri 8-19-11

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Results, Sat 8-20-11

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Results, Mon 8-22-11

Squat Clean 1-1-1-1-1
“Death by Squat Clean”
Weight for Men: 135 lb.
Weight for Women: 95lb.
At the start of the clock, complete 1 squat clean. At the next minute, complete two squat cleans. The next minute is three squat cleans. Continue on until you cannot complete the allotted squat cleans within the same minute.
If this sounds confusing, it is, try typing it out to make sense!
See you all at the gym!
Compare WOD results to April 7, 2011. Post Squat Clean weight and WOD Results to comments!

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