Updated COVID Protocols

November 2020

As head into winter time, please take a look at the following protocols we have set in place!

In-gym protocol

  1. Entry will now be the front door, unless you see the garage doors open. This door will be propped open to avoid multiple hand use. Upon arrival please use the hand sanitizer on the retail counter or immediately go wash your hands in the bathroom. Leave your winter boots on one of the black mats
  2. Find your station and place your belongings (including coats) in the area, consolidated as much as possible to avoid a messy workout space. Congregating in the cubby room will be off limits.
  3. Masks absolutely need to be worn while outside your set area: ex: gathering equipment, running off to the bathroom. During the really frigid days where we may not be able to open the doors and windows, please wear during the warm-up and strength/skill portion of the class
    1. As long as there is 14ft between members; or there are barriers AND 6ft between members, then masks do NOT have to be worn while working out – this is set by the state of MA guidelines
  4. Wear layers – lots of them – we will continue to prop the doors, and keep the windows open to maximize air flow. Wear gloves and Hats (we have some awesome CFT beanies coming our way in the next few weeks) and layers of clothes – as you warm up you can shed them!

Equipment for at-home use

  1. At some point: we believe Torque equipment may be available for rent; and some may be lent out. We won’t be starting this process until we have to, so don’t ‘wait’ or ‘rely’ on it – if you’re looking for some now, look now.
  2. Buying equipment online: hindsight is 20/20 and exploring equipment for at-home should have been done over the summer time. Inventory has been low or backordered for months, prices are 3-4 times more expensive than ever, and shipping delays (and costs) are all of the real issues everyone is facing (whether an owner like me, or a consumer like you). 
    1. With that being said, here are a few of our favorite places. Some of them will have wait-lists or watch-lists you can put your email on
    2. Yes you may pay “a lot” in shipping costs, but it’s better than not having equipment at home – find a friend and do a joint purchase, maybe you’ll save on shipping costs
    3. And before you ask, No, as a gym, we do NOT get discounts on equipment. We pay the same price you see online.
      1. Rogue Fitness – the ‘best’ made – also out of stock
      2. Again Faster 
      3. Titan Fitness – have had success with
      4. Perform Better – DBs, accessory stuff, bands
      5. Wright Equipment
      6. Crossover Symmetry – shoulder and hip health
      7. Our Own Gym Members can build Plyo boxes to jump on
      8. Facebook marketplace – beware here as people are tripling prices on equipment – but the positive balance is that you’ll have the equipment instantly when you pick up so you save on shipping and frustration of it being out of stock
      9. Walmart & Dick’s sporting goods – member Laura has had great success finding DBs and KBs locally – she will find it online and pick up in store (sometimes driving an hour #commitment) 
      10. Black Stall Mats – Tractor Supply Company (4 locations within a 45min drive) or a place in Walpole I can’t remember the name of
    4. Goodluck in your search for equipment and if you find a good deal or inventory, post to the private Facebook group or send us a message!

Thank you all for being amazing and following along with the guidelines and protocols we have set in place. We are doing our best to accommodate as much as possible!

-Amanda, Sara & Torque Coaches & Staff

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