Used Sneaker Donations

300+ Million Sneakers are thrown out each year by Americans.

It can take 30-40 years for one pair of sneakers to fully decompose.

66% of landfills are full of textiles (including sneakers).

You could throw away your old sneakers. Or you could skip the landfill and use them to support a families living in developing countries. Micro-enterprises are small businesses, typically owned and operated by families of 1-2 people. Because of systemic poverty in these countries, working-age adults have to create their own opportunities.

That’s where your sneakers come in. They sell the sneakers you gather in their communities, which promotes commerce opportunities and leads to economic sustainability. Micro-enterprise makes it easy to keep your old sneakers out of landfills and into the hands of those who need them most.

Over 70% of the world wears used clothing especially sneakers.

Women-Owned micro-enterprises are the majority.

Supporting 4,000 families in developing countries.

Your sneaker collection isn’t just about recycling or earning funds for local causes, it’s also one of the most effective ways to help lift many families out of poverty in devastated economies. So you can feel good knowing the sneakers you collect serve as a philanthropic bridge to give people a hand-up, rather than just a hand-out.

Thanks to Sneakers4Good – the last 6 years CrossFit Torque has partnered with them to collect and donate used sneakers.

Here is our second donation just in 2023!

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