Welcome Coach Joe!

Joe Perrone is one of the newer coaches at CrossFit Torque, joining us mid-2019. He did sports growing up as a kid: swimming, bowling, gymnastics, eventually hit the gym. He stuck with gymnastics until he was 17 and then fell completely into the gym life. Joe started doing personal training in 2010.

Joe’s CPT (Certificate of Personal Training) was a 6 month program through National Personal Training Institute and was a 500 hour program that went from June through December. Only a few people in the program continued on to pursue a career in fitness. Joe started working at FitFactory in Braintree as a personal trainer and it was June 2016 when he introduced to CrossFit. 

You can find Joe doing heavy squat cleans combined with fun gymnastics movements. He loves to re-test the workout “Fran” – each time with the goal of being faster than before!  His eclectic taste in music will always keep you guessing. His playlists include Billie Eilish, Amaranthe, Dark New Day, and Five Finger Death Punch to name a few!


CrossFit Level 1 Certificate Holder, 2016

NASM CPT, 2010

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