Welcome Coach Lea!

Lea Mahoney is one of the newer coaches at CrossFit Torque, joining us mid-2019. Lea moved to North Attleboro in January of 2019 from San Diego after her husband retired from the Navy. She was born and raised in Virginia, so she never thought she would end up living North! She started CrossFit while out in San Diego and fell in love with it immediately. Her 3 year CrossFit-versary will be in October 2019. She has two little-ones, Braden (6) and Morgan (4), plus a 6 month old German Shepard puppy named Lola. She’s the most needy of them all!! 

Lea loves the Squat Snatch; it’s her favorite movement! When she first started CrossFit, she would avoid workouts that had any form of the snatch in it! Lea finally said enough is enough and decided to get an Olympic Lifting coach who helped her fear of the barbell. She enjoyed working on the technical movements and the mental aspect of lifting. 

Lea loves workouts where you have to grind through them – which mostly are the hero workouts. 343 and Hot Shots 19 come to mind. She also loves barbell work and weirdly enjoy Isabel and Grace! Don’t be surprised if you hear some 90s pop or Britney Spears on when Lea is working out!

Currently Lea has her CrossFit-L1, earned in San Diego in October 2017. Her goals are to attend the CrossFit Olympic Lifting Seminar and then the USAW Level 1. 

“I’m really excited for the opportunity to join the Team here at CrossFit Torque. Leaving my first CrossFit gym in San Diego was very hard, and it’s nice to now have a new “home”. Thank you to Amanda for giving me the chance to come aboard! Also, thank you to my fellow coaches – I learn so much every time I get the chance to see you guys in action.”


CrossFit Level 1 Certificate Holder, 2018

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