Welcome to New Personal Trainer Julian!

We are thrilled to announce the new addition to our Torque Team: Julian DeJesus!

At Torque we will always strive to recruit the best in not only the industry, but in diverse areas of expertise! Please welcome Julian to the team!

Julian has 4 years of experience in the fitness world through the military and has over a year in personal training specifically strength and conditioning.

He is certified through NASM, and is currently studying his associates in Exercise Science and plans on getting his Corrective Exercise certification over the summer.

Fitness has been a part of Julian’s life since high school, and loves to share the knowledge he has learned about the human body with others and helping them reach their goals as fast and efficiently as possible. 

You can find Coach Julian co-coaching the Teen Classes as well as helping those reach their goals in Private Personal Training! If you are looking for the private setting, Julian is your Coach! 30-45-60 min appointments are available! Email us Admin@CrossFitTorque.com

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