Why Glutes Are Great!

Lynn leads a busy life. 

She’s a mother, a wife and a professional. She felt her squat strength had plateaued. 

Some History

I have been an athlete alongside Lynn since she joined CrossFit Torque 2 years ago.  Throughout our time working out together, we’ve talked about her strengths and struggles with squatting, where she felt she needed work, what she was frustrated with. She experienced some discomfort if she went above a certain weight on the bar; and never felt stable in the bottom of her squat.


We both agreed that a customized hip and glute program designed to increase strength and stability would really benefit her; the main focus being on that areas that needed the most attention.  There was an initial front and back squat test that we will revisit at the end of the program to see her progress, and evaluate if there is more that needs to be done.  

This program would streamline her progress and optimize her time. Three days a week she would spend 10-15 minutes on 3-4 different exercises targeting the needed areas. This is spread out over 6 weeks, using minimal equipment that met her strengthening needs. 

Lynn’s busy

Lynn is getting the work done when she can. She recognizes the importance of what has been provided to her. She has sent us photos of her children “helping” her get through her routine. Lynn is making it work and making great strides already, three weeks in!

As she continues to notice small victories in her squat performance during barbell complexes and front squats while at CrossFit Torque, she looks forward to continuing her progress through the last three weeks of the program.

Check back in at the end of the month to see the difference in Lynn’s squat!

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