Why Ingredients Matter

Think Before you Eat!

Torque Nutrition Approach is about adding in veggies and fruits, lean proteins, healthy fats, water, and sleep. The goal is to balance out what our body needs from a micro and macro nutrient level.

Depending on where you are in your nutrition journey, one goal would be to focus on the type of proteins you are consuming. In other words, there are leaner protein sources, and not-so-beneficial sources.

One of the ongoing discussions is between grass-fed and non GF beef. There are huge benefits to knowing where your meat comes from. It’s about clean ingredients.

So, why Grass-Fed?

  • Grass-fed meat has 2x the omega-3s than regular beef. Omega-3s reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease & the risk of bloodclots, as well. 
  • Vitamin K2 is important for bone & heart health but is lacking in most diets. Grass-fed beef is a good source of this vitamin 
  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid, found in meat & dairy products has been shown to aid in weight loss & a lowered risk of heart disease. CLA is 300-500% higher in grass-fed cows than cows fed by grain.
  • Regenerative agriculture is one of the solutions to climate change & grass-fed farming is a part of that solution.

Sounds delicious! So where can you find grass-fed beef? One of our favorite snack foods comes from Think Jerky. Why Think Jerky?

  • Ingredients you can read                              
  • 0g of sugar in our meat & turkey sticks.                           
  • No added antibiotics.                                 
  • Non GMO.                                                   
  • Gluten Free.                                                 
  • No added hormones

And not to mention, it’s SUPER tasty! At Torque we hold a few different flavors – check them out at the Torque Retail Store!

-Torque Staff

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