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Why It’s Hard to Leave

I’ve owned this business for almost 11 years now and to this day it is still hard for me to leave the gym. Just ask my wife.

We call it the black hole. Which usually means something goes in and doesn’t come back out. In this case, the gym (to a lot of us coaches) is a place we feel like is home. We want to connect with everyone there.

When we try to exit the building, we move 1 foot at time, striking up a new conversation with the next person who walks by.

Our car doors are wide open, with one foot in and the other on the ground, just trying to get in that last conversation.

And the text noise happens – it’s from my wife “ETA? Ember is asking for you.”

I am almost immediately filled with guilt.

Early on when you open a business it’s really difficult to turn off the lights every night. You question whether you did a good day of work. Was I productive? Are we better today than we were yesterday? Do I need to vacuum the floor again before I leave? I need to make sure it’s clean before classes tomorrow.

Initially, like any business owner it is hard to leave work because you feel like you have so much to do. In the beginning, I was 23 when opening CrossFit Torque. But it was just me at home, so a late night didn’t phase me. As our community grew, so did my family.

I’m going to share an inside secret with you. If you’ve ever been at the gym and caught myself or one of our staff talking to you… it’s because we have a rule. It’s called “the 5 minute rule” To this day I think some coaches that are no longer coaches at our gym and are now members still abide by these rules.  I also have a 10 foot rule. This is one I practice everyday. If you are within 10 feet of me I have to come up to you and say hi.

You know why? Because I want to get to know you. Because I care that you are here. And I want my staff, my community and extended family to care about you too. 

So I know why it’s hard for me to leave the gym. The people inside Torque are my gym family.


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