Why Wait for the Last Straw?

Why are we waiting for the breaking point? The straw that broke the camel’s back.

It seem’s to be easier to focus on the last straw. The catalyst that causes change.

But the trouble is with a last straw, it usually draws too much attention to itself.

The focus becomes just on that one straw. I think the real focus should be back a bunch of straws ago.

Ask why we missed, what we missed, and why we let it slide what we let slide.

So is the last straw really the biggest straw? I’d say rarely. It’s usually just like the previous straws.

Maybe something about us has changed.

Ask what changed, and why it took us to get to the “last” straw?

Let’s be better. Ready for the next camel. Ready to make a change before the camel’s back breaks.

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Inspired from Functional Branding.

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