Why You Should Never Miss a Monday Workout

Why you should never miss a Monday workout…

We all have been there. The alarm goes off at 4am on that lovely Monday morning and the first reaction is to snooze or shut it off. Your weekend was full of fun and excitement, and you could use that extra sleep. Right? You think, I’ll just go tomorrow…

Well, your first workout of the week is actually the most important one to attend! Here’s why…

[Better workout habits]  Consistency is key to creating a new habit. Those health and fitness goals you set for yourself can only be achieved if you show up, and show up on a regular basis. It’s a fact of life that if you stay committed to a habit, you will see progress. So get in here on that Monday morning, because if you don’t, Tuesday isn’t looking too good either. Try this: place your gym clothes over your alarm clock/phone so that when the alarm goes off, you reach for that reminder to get your butt up and to the gym!
[Increased Productivity] We know getting to the gym increases the health of your body, but exercise will also increase the health of your mind! The studies show that exercising for more than 30 minutes will increase overall productivity. Why do you think more corporations are encouraging employees to workout in the middle of the day? Your Monday workout could make your day and tasks seem a little more manageable!
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[Happiness!] Exercise is exactly what the doctor prescribes! Working out is great for relieving stress, and we promise you will feel good when leaving here. Really though, exercise releases endorphins and there’s no fighting that ‘feel good’ hormone. Here at Torque, athletes will leave class smiling and actually thanking us for putting them through a grueling hour of working out!
[We want to see you!] You’re not just a number here at CrossFit Torque. Every coach cares about each and every athlete that comes through our doors. We have on any given Monday, 6-7 different coaches throughout the day – we WANT to see you in one of our classes! Our week will start off on the right foot, and so will yours!

See you Monday!

Shared with love and support from your Head Coach & #1 Supporter.

This blog post was written by Amanda Chace, owner of CrossFit Torque, founded in 2010. 
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