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Youth Programs at Torque

Do you have a child between the ages of 5 and 17 who could benefit from a supportive and collaborative fitness class? Our Youth programs are your solution!

Tadpoles (ages 5-8) meet twice a week and are often working on social and teamwork related games, all the while completing some squats, push-ups, jumping, planks and running. These Tadpoles leave every class with smiles and high fives, begging to come back again and again.

Tweens (ages 9-12) also meet twice a week and are introduced to skills they wouldn’t normally see outside of this class. Often beginning and ending class with a game, these Tweens are also challenged with taking that new skill and developing it within a workout. The confidence booster these Tweens get from each class is incredible to see.

Finally our Teens (ages 13-17) – the group that is learning skills that will prepare them for the next stage in their lives. This class is a bit longer than the others and focused more on building up the coordination and strength of each attendee. Their workouts involved a little more thinking and will tax them physically.

So find your child, niece, nephew, cousin, or neighbor and have them come try a class with us here at Torque! More info can be found via the link below or feel free to direct message us!


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