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“I really cannot tell you how happy I am to have found CrossFit Torque. The Coaches are fun, engaging, motivating, and welcoming. Every member is supportive and make you feel right at home. I have been at CrossFit Torque for about 1.5 months now. This is a crazy time to have a new box.

Prior to the social distancing, Coach Lea patiently worked with me on rope climbs. I feel confident that I can kill those in a wod. On top of my new found confidence and excitement for gaining a new skill very shortly after back at it, I received the most thoughtful handwritten note from Amanda. What a way to make somebody feel special and proud! In addition to my rope climbs, Lea also worked with me on my pistol squats, a skill that has plagued me since high school. Again – I am able to crush these in every workout/warmup since her skillful insights. Now, with social distancing, everybody is still so supportive. Reaching out on a regular basis. Being sure that we all have the equipment we need to stay active and healthy at home. Zoom meetings to stay motivated and be sure that we’re using proper form and supporting our fellow members. We even have get-togethers where we play games as a group on Zoom! I’ve only just started my journey and already have accomplished so much Great space! Great people! Great Coaches!”


“The only constant are the Coaches at Torque to praise or push you when you need it. I’ve been with these guys for several years now …. I know that I have lost weight, increased strength, have more energy, my motor skills have improved, & I have better balance & flexibility. “


“When was the last time you walked into your gym & almost everyone knew you by name & your abilities and made sure you didn’t do things you weren’t comfortable doing? When was the last time you said aloud, “I can’t do that” & then weeks later, you were doing it? Come check us out!”



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