Introducing the CrossFit Torque Team

Meet the fitness experts ready to help you achieve your fitness goals and your potential.

Our Founder

Coach Amanda

Amanda Chace

Amanda started CrossFit in March 2010 after months of encouragement from her family. Three months later she was hooked. By December 2010, CrossFit Torque was born.

In the very beginning, Amanda and her brother Richard grew CrossFit Torque from a 600 sq. ft. facility to what #TorqueNation is today, a CrossFit affiliate without boundaries. The whole family are to thank for the success of Torque: Parents Don & Nancy, and Sister Christine.

Currently, Amanda and her wife Sara co-own CrossFit Torque.

Amanda’s two years at Reebok International Ltd working on the Sports Marketing Team with CrossFit affiliates globally, allowed her to grow and build a better CrossFit Torque.

Amanda takes pride in coaching the adult CrossFit, Kids & Teen classes, and loves taking new clients through private training and on-ramp classes. She finds true happiness coaching the 55+ ForeverFit members. Helping those on their paths towards healthier and happier lives is Amanda’s true calling.

Every day for the last 10 years Amanda’s passion has revolved around the members at CrossFit Torque.

Our Professional Coaches

Crossfit Torque Coach

Coach Lea

I'm really excited for the opportunity to join the Team here at CrossFit Torque. Leaving my first CrossFit gym in San Diego was very hard, and it's nice to now have a new "home". Thank you to Amanda for giving me the chance to come aboard! Also, a thank you to my fellow coaches. I learn so much every time I get the chance to see you guys in action.

Background: I moved to North Attleboro in January of 2019 from San Diego after my husband got out of the Navy. I was born and raised in Virginia, so I never thought I would end up living North! I started CrossFit while out in San Diego and fell in love with it. My 3 year CrossFit-versary will be in October 2019. I have two little ones, Braden (6), and Morgan (4), plus a 6 month old German Shepard puppy named Lola. She’s the most needy of them all!!

Favorite Workout: This is a tough one for me. I like the long hero WOD’s – where you just have to grind it out and try and push yourself mentally and physically. 343 and Hot Shots 19 come to mind. I also love barbell work and weirdly enjoy Isabel and Grace!

Favorite CF related movement: Definitely the Snatch. When I first started CrossFit, I would avoid workouts that had any form of the snatch in it! I finally said enough is enough and decided to get an Olympic Lifting coach who helped me not be scared of the barbell anymore. I enjoy working on the technical movements and the mental aspect of lifting.

Favorite Spotify station: I haven’t really found one yet! I listen to all types of music depending on my mood and what I am doing. But don’t be surprised to hear some 90s pop. I still love Britney Spears!!

Crossfit Torque Coach

Coach Meridien

Background: I've always enjoyed working with kids and have a degree in early childhood education. After working in preschools, I am now a nanny for two awesome boys.

CrossFit history: I’ve been at CFT since March 2012! Though I did a few years of gymnastics when I was younger, I was never much of an athlete and nor did I wish to be. CrossFit has changed my view on fitness and now I’m a complete addict. I’ve even participated in a few competitions since joining – didn’t see that one coming!

Favorite Workout: Annie

Favorite Movement: Power cleans, double-unders, kettlebell swings

Favorite Pandora station: Rob Zombie radio m/

Most Memorable Moment at CFT: Making so many great friends here has been one of the best things about being at Torque!

Crossfit Torque Coach

Coach Vanessa

Vanessa is a graduate from Fitchburg State College 2010 and has been involved in CrossFit Torque since March 2013.

Favorite WOD: flight simulator, anything with jump rope, running & body weight exercises.

Favorite movement: Overhead squat, burpee pull-ups.

Favorite Pandora station: P.O.D

Most memorable moment: Here are just a few … Being able to go from a bodyweight pull-up to a 30lb weighed pull-up; my first CrossFit competition; a 120lb clean and jerk after a long recovery from a non-exercise related back injury.

Outside of the Box: Vanessa played field hockey & lacrosse, she coached middle school and high school field hockey.

More about Vanessa: She is also a personal trainer at our box, as well as coaches the Teens classes, ForeverFit, and MomFit. Vanessa enjoys walks on the beach and tanning

Crossfit Torque Coach

Coach brian

CrossFit History: Entering into my late 40's, I decided I needed to make a change. I started running in 2012 (one 5K race per month) and began adult high intensity classes in 2013. The gym I attended started a CrossFit program in May 2015 and I decided to put my toes in the water and try it. Enjoying the community, the physical challenge and the mental challenge of CrossFit, I signed up for my first Open the following Spring. When the Open wrapped, I was tired, exhausted, and exhilarated knowing what I had accomplished, what I can do, and what I can improve upon - an inner fire was stoked.

The gym I had attended was ending their CrossFit affiliation, and while they have great programs, I wanted to stick with CrossFit. Following the suggestion of my former coach, I reached out to Amanda and dropped into CrossFit Torque in April 2017 – there’s been no looking back since! The coaches and athletes were welcoming (a shoutout to the 1800 club), the programming excellent and varied – ForeverFit, OCR training .. but that’s a story for another day. It was at CrossFit Torque that I discovered my passion for CrossFit.

During the Spring of 2019, Amanda opened the opportunity to explore the path to coaching, and in the Summer of 2019, I obtained my CFL1 certificate. My family, the CFT Coaches and fellow athletes supported me through this journey, from waking my wife up at 4am to intern to learning how to use the clock and music at the same time – thank you for the support! I’m super excited to continue to grow as a member of CFT and give back to the community that has helped change my life.

Favorite Workout: Hero workout “Murph” – the camaraderie and support is awesome to see and be a part of

Favorite Movement: Handstands, burpees and anything with a barbell

Favorite Pandora station: Pop Goes Punk, also various rock and metal stations – something to help push me through a WOD

Coach Sara

Coach Sara

Head of Personal Training & CrossFit Coach

Background: I started "the gym life" in my early 20's, bouncing back and forth between a hardcore 5 times a week gym rat to the "fallen hard off the wagon" type of person. I would go hard at the globo gyms then just lose my motivation and discipline. During all of that I was in construction, and in my 20's still, so, thinking my body was invincible, never really took care of myself physically or nutritionally. At my heaviest I was over 200lbs. That all changed with an emergency back surgery just after I turned 30.

Once I recovered from that, I found the world of CrossFit. It began at another CrossFit box, but,a, new job at UPS and a move brought me to this area, and to CrossFit Torque. So, after 8 years of juggling my life as a UPS driver, I made the decision for myself and my family to resign from UPS, and join the Torque community as a full time coach. It has been an incredible transition, and the Torque community welcomed me and my newfound position with open arms. Talk about an improvement in work/life balance and workplace environment!! I am coming up on my 9th year as a crossfitter, and am truly where I should be. Being able to be at Torque with Amanda, and now our 3 year old Ember (who is always watching), has been truly life changing.

Favorite Workout:
Karen for sure.

Favorite CF related movement:
It used to be the squat snatch, but recently a new found love for the basic bodyweight movements, pull ups, push ups, burpees. They are truly the best because, if you’re going fast enough, they can leave you on the floor panting with no equipment at all. I am a big believer that true success with any movement, whether it be barbell or bodyweight, comes from a solid commitment to strength and accessory work in order to further strengthen the foundation and movement patterns needed to be safe and successful with all things.

Favorite Spotify Station:
I’ve always been a huge fan of any sort of the BPM’s, Skrillex-based, something with not a ton of lyrics. But, on the other side of that, throw me some hard core Britney Spears, NSYNC or early 2000’s pop and I’m down for that too.

Most memorable moment at CFT:
The first time I walked into CFT when they were in their old space next door. It was during the Open, and I can distinctly remember the feeling and the energy that was there. I knew that it was where I needed to be.

Christine Ciampa

Coach Christine

Client Success Manager Since 2020; Member since January 2015

Background: The fall of 2014, my children were introduced to CrossFit through a program at their school. Once the program was completed, they could not wait to get to the gym - we found Torque immediately!! They joined the Teen class and immediately immersed themselves in the environment, the coaches, the challenge and the results. The results of confidence and the ability to take all that CrossFit offered and to bring to other places in their life. I loved seeing my children grow at Torque and no surprise, it's contagious.

I signed up in January 2015 – the best way to describe my time as an athlete at Torque is ‘the best hour of my day’, (other than time with my family). With all that I love about Torque and with the opportunity as the CSM (client success manager), I thought to myself that this may be the perfect situation – taking care of clients in this special place! I certainly have a lot to learn in this new position, but I am enjoying working with the coaching team and assisting Torque’s clients in their health & fitness journeys.

Favorite Workout: My favorite workout would be partner style, long chipper, 35+ minutes of moving and cheering each other!

Favorite CF related movement: My favorite CF related movement might be hang power clean and of course, burpee anything!

Favorite Spotify Station:Anything Country.

Most memorable moment at CFT: Most memorable moment, Former Coach Ali suggested that I use a 14lb wall ball for the workout and I was a bit concerned that I would just gas out. So I got 2 wall balls ready, a 12lb and 14lb while we were warming up. Right as the workout was to begin, the 12lb wall ball disappeared to my great dismay – I said, ok, Coach Ali thinks that I can do it, so I can do it and I did! Thanks Ali!!

CFT Nutrition Jamie Norton

Coach Jamie

Nutrition Coach & Registered Dietitian

Hi! I'm Jamie Norton, Registered Dietitian at CrossFit Torque. I have over 7 years of experience providing medical nutrition therapy to a variety of clients. I have a genuine passion for nutrition and strive to help others reach their nutritional goals on an individualized basis. I don't believe in fad diets or a "one size fits all" approach when it comes to healthy eating. Allow me to be a part of your journey!