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Amanda Chace owner of Torque Health and Fitness

Amanda Chace


Amanda started CrossFit in March 2010 after months of encouragement from her family. Three months later she was hooked. By December 2010, CrossFit Torque was born. In the very beginning, Amanda and her brother Richard grew CrossFit Torque from a 600 sq. ft. facility to what #TorqueNation is today, a CrossFit affiliate without boundaries. The whole family are to thank for the success of Torque: Parents Don & Nancy, and Sister Christine. Currently, Amanda and her wife Sara co-own CrossFit Torque. Amanda’s two years at Reebok International Ltd working on the Sports Marketing Team with CrossFit affiliates globally, allowed her to grow and build a better CrossFit Torque. Amanda takes pride in coaching the adult CrossFit, Kids & Teen classes, and loves taking new clients through private training and on-ramp classes. She finds true happiness coaching the 55+ ForeverFit members. Helping those on their paths towards healthier and happier lives is Amanda’s true calling. Every day for the last 14 years Amanda’s passion has revolved around the members at CrossFit Torque.

Sara Chace coach at Torque Health and Fitness

Sara Chace

Head of Personal Training & CrossFit Coach

I started “the gym life” in my early 20’s, bouncing back and forth between a hardcore 5 times a week gym rat to the “fallen hard off the wagon” type of person. I would go hard at the globo gyms then just lose my motivation and discipline. During all of that I was in construction, and in my 20’s still, so, thinking my body was invincible, never really took care of myself physically or nutritionally. At my heaviest I was over 200lbs. That all changed with an emergency back surgery just after I turned 30. Once I recovered from that, I found the world of CrossFit. It began at another CrossFit box, but,a, new job at UPS and a move brought me to this area, and to CrossFit Torque. So, after 8 years of juggling my life as a UPS driver, I made the decision for myself and my family to resign from UPS, and join the Torque community as a full time coach. It has been an incredible transition, and the Torque community welcomed me and my newfound position with open arms. Talk about an improvement in work/life balance and workplace environment!! I am coming up on my 9th year as a crossfitter, and am truly where I should be. Being able to be at Torque with Amanda, and now our 3 year old Ember (who is always watching), has been truly life changing. Favorite Workout: Karen for sure. Favorite CF related movement: It used to be the squat snatch, but recently a new found love for the basic bodyweight movements, pull ups, push ups, burpees. They are truly the best because, if you’re going fast enough, they can leave you on the floor panting with no equipment at all. I am a big believer that true success with any movement, whether it be barbell or bodyweight, comes from a solid commitment to strength and accessory work in order to further strengthen the foundation and movement patterns needed to be safe and successful with all things. Favorite Spotify Station: I’ve always been a huge fan of any sort of the BPM’s, Skrillex-based, something with not a ton of lyrics. But, on the other side of that, throw me some hard core Britney Spears, NSYNC or early 2000’s pop and I’m down for that too. Most memorable moment at CFT: The first time I walked into CFT when they were in their old space next door. It was during the Open, and I can distinctly remember the feeling and the energy that was there. I knew that it was where I needed to be.

Lee Batal coach at Torque Health and Fitness

Lee Batal


Lee has played sports since a young age and has always found her ‘happy’ when doing something that involves fitness. Lee spent years on a soccer field, ski/snowboarding, playing and coaching tennis and getting dirty racing in obstacle course races (her real happy place) – highlighted by representing Team USA at both North American and World Obstacle Course Racing Championships.

Lee’s career as a Fitness Professional, Certified Trainer and USAW Level 1 Coach began after her own fitness journey inspired her to spread the message of “It’s never too late to be the best you yet”. Lee’s passion is helping people discover the best version of themselves whether that’s recovering from an injury, training for a specific goal or sport or just looking to take their fitness to the next level. Putting the ‘fun’ in ‘Functional fitness is where she lives, helping athletes of all levels learn new skills or master old ones by starting at the foundation – mechanics of movement. Lee’s approach is to have athletes understand the movement patterns of their own body to move more efficiently through their workouts and life.

Coach Lee coaches supports Personal Training Clients, Small Groups, Adult Group Classes, and our. New members moving through our On-Ramp Program. Lee starts her journey at Torque in August 2023.

Greg Wickstrom coach at Torque Health and Fitness

Greg Wickstrom


Greg is a father of two daughters who fell in love with fitness and health later in life . Once having children, Greg fell into the life of accepting weight gain and unhealthy habits . He was the heaviest he had ever been when he decided he needed to change. Through his own journey of changing, he experienced first hand how important health is in every aspect of his life and loves spreading that message teaching and practicing the joy of movement to everyone he can.

Greg believes in functional fitness specializing in calisthenics and bodyweight movements. Handstands and muscle-ups are his love language. Coach Greg coaches adult Group Classes, takes our new members through our on-ramp program, and Coaches all of our Youth classes, including our Sports Performance classes. Coach Greg joined Torque staff in September of 2023.

Ashley Burke coach at Torque Health and Fitness

Ashley Burke

Nutrition Coach

Ashley is very excited to take on a new role as Nutrition Coach. She has been in the nursing field for over 20 years. Ashley currently works as a nurse practitioner at UMass Memorial in Worcester taking care of patients with advanced heart failure. Having witnessed the incredible impact of the holistic approach to well being she was inspired to take a nutrition coaching course to help others reach their health goals.

Ashley originally joined Torque back in November 2013 and due to kids/school/life, left for a little bit of time. She couldn’t stay away and re-joined CFT in February of 2023. Ashley practiced CrossFit style workouts in her home gym, but nothing compares to group classes with this community; she is thrilled to be back. You can usually catch Ashley taking the 5am or 9:30 am group classes. She loves to chat about food, workouts and kids. Ashley looks forward to working with the CFT community to provide 1:1 nutrition consultations, group workshops and tailored nutrition plans.

Laura Bramson coach at Torque Health and Fitness

Laura Bramson


A former collegiate athlete, Laura has been active in everything from kickboxing and spin classes to indoor soccer and Spartan Races. As she got older, she found it harder to maintain consistency. There was not much camaraderie or community in a traditional fitness setting. As a former primary care nurse, Laura witnessed too many middle-age people diagnosed with preventable illnesses. In 2020 she discovered the magic of CrossFit. Laura truly believes in CrossFit’s ability to bring people of all ages and fitness backgrounds together in pursuit of better health and wellness.

You will find Laura with my family camping, sailing, traveling and rooting for her son’s wrestling and football teams. Coach Laura coaches our Adult Group Classes as well as supports our new members in our On-Ramp Program. Coach Laura joined the Torque staff in late Fall of 2023.

Morgan Barnes coach at Torque Health and Fitness

Morgan Barnes


Coach Morgan is a CrossFit Level 1 Certificate Holder, an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer and Online Coach. She currently specializes in strength and conditioning, weight loss, and powerlifting. Morgan personally competes in the Powerlifting world and loves working with members interested in lifting. Morgan Is currently in her Masters of Physical Therapy Program at Springfield College. Coach Morgan supports Torque Members vai Adult Group Classes, Specialty Powerlifting Programs, Personal Training clients, and our new members going through On-Ramp. Coach Morgan started with CrossFit Torque in Summer of 2022.

Christine Chace coach at Torque Health and Fitness

Christine Chace


Christine was an athlete growing up, exploring a different sport each season. Christine was introduced to CrossFit in summer of 2010 on College break and continued to CrossFit finding a local box in PA at school. She started her CrossFit Group Class Coaching career in 2015 when she lived back in MA and continues to support Torque’s members when she can.


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