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Fall Recipe: Pizza Spaghetti Pie

Here is one of Coach Merrr’s favorite recipes! PIZZA SPAGHETTI PIE I haven’t met a person who hasn’t loved this recipe yet. It is super versatile and makes plenty of leftovers. It even tastes great for breakfast, if you’re into that sort of thing… Switch

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1 Year with Coach Liz!

Congrats to Coach Liz on 1️⃣ year with us here at CrossFit Torque‼️ Liz is one of our coaches who can handle it all: Group Classes, Personal Training, and our On-Ramp Sessions! Thanks for truly changing and caring for the members here at Torque!

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2022 Road Race Recap!

What a great 2nd Annual 5k Road Race we had yesterday! The weather was beautiful and the runners did GREAT on the course! The uphill battle the last 1/2 mile of the race was quoted “to be harder than heart-break hill”. – Congrats to the

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Back to School: Importance of Breakfast

Let’s dive into it!  So I would bet that at one point in your life you have heard someone say “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” or “you have to eat breakfast in order to kick start your metabolism.” It probably came

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2022 Road Race Raffle Items

Thank you to everyone who generously donated items to the Raffle Table! Last year we were able to raise over $800 in donations just at the raffle table. This year we hope to beat that number with over 17 donated items Valued well over $2k.

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August 2022 Member of the Month: Shannon Maguire

Member Since: February 6, 2021 Born and raised, PROUD, Jersey girl!  I have always been an athlete throughout the years.  I played 2 DIII sports (soccer and lacrosse) at RPI (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) where I received my BS in Biomedical Engineering.  After some time in

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Should You Do The Same Exercises Everyday?

Being active is great — but what if you do the same exercises every single day? Will that help you stay fit? Here’s the answer: If you have a fitness regime in place but always do the same thing, you’ll get some of the benefits

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Will Lifting Weights Help You Lose Body Fat?

4 out of 5 people we speak to ‘want to lose weight’. So will WEIGHT TRAINING help them do it?  Yes!  Lifting weights is a great way to burn fat, but here’s something else to consider first:  Many people want to lose fat so they

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Is Protein Important for Fat Loss?

In today’s diet culture everything has become so tribalistic. It’s really difficult to sift through all the information to come to your own logical conclusions. The great thing that we always have to fall back on is science and human physiology. When it comes to

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