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Tips for Practical Weight loss

Write it all down -Keep accurate food records of every food and drink you consume for three days, if not more, to educate yourself about what exactly you are putting into your body.  -It is also a good idea to take notes about why you

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You are not a failure when you:

You are not a failure when you: *Eat a cupcake *Have seconds *Enjoy a rest day *Have a glass of wine *Stay up late We can’t be perfect 100% of the time. Schedule your Free No-Snack Intro with us today!

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4 Tips to Stay on Track While Traveling

Traveling can be a huge disruption to our health and fitness. It gets us away from our daily habits, limits our accountability, and can derail our nutrition.  But does it really need to?  The answer is NO.  Traveling can actually be a benefit to your

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Consistency Challenges

Would you agree that if we workout regularly and get into a good healthy routine, then we will make a good impact of our fitness and also our mental well-being? We know that consistency is the key being the best versions of ourselves. We also

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How do you fuel your workouts?

A well-rounded meal is recommended 3-4 hours prior to the workout. Well-rounded meal meaning it consists of all the macronutrients (baked chicken, green beans and sweet potato or turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread with strawberries). For 60-90 minutes prior to exercise, a general rule of

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Why It’s Hard to Leave

I’ve owned this business for almost 11 years now and to this day it is still hard for me to leave the gym. Just ask my wife. We call it the black hole. Which usually means something goes in and doesn’t come back out. In

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Breaking Down Your Day

When people come to CrossFit Torque they think they are just going to workout…but there is so much more to the bigger picture. In order to get results and reach your goals (quickly), there are other factors in play. Why? Well let’s break it down. 1

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Have you ever heard of the term “Hangry?” I know I have! It is a word used for when someone gets SO hungry they get irritable, moody, angry, and will eat anything in sight until the hunger pains and brain fog go away.  If we

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Consistency is KEY

By definition, the word consistent means ‘acting or done in the same way over time.’  It is to be unchanging in nature, standard, or effect over time. I would say THE MOST important part of being successful with nutrition is being consistent. The decisions we

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