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Navigating the Food Store

Written By Coach Jamie RD LDN Going to the food store can be a daunting and overwhelming task for some. Especially now, where we are supposed to only go down aisles one way and if we forget something then we have to go all the

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Protein and Muscle

Nutrition Coach Jamie here! Let’s talk Protein! When protein is consumed, the stomach starts digestion and the intestines finish by turning it into amino acids. Muscles use amino acids to make more, convert to other amino acids (alanine/glutamine) or burn it for fuel. Fun fact:

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Getting to Know Torque Nutrition Coach Jamie!

I grew up in a small town called Norwell on the South Shore of Massachusetts. It was a great town to live in and my house was only 10 minutes from the beach! Growing up it seemed like my mom was ALWAYS in the kitchen.

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