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Why on-ramp: our 3 goals

Here at Torque Health & Fitness, our gym is what we call a Coaching Gym. We offer a coaching service to help our members lead healthier and more fit lives. We have a really well executed On-Ramp program that kicks off a member’s journey with us.

Let me tell you why. About 10 years ago, I bought the home my family and I are living in. Anyone who has been through this process knows that before you decide to sign on the dotted line, you go through a home inspection. Their job is to point out the problems, both potential and existing, so that you can make an educated decision on whether to buy this home.

Arguably the biggest check-up is done on the foundation of the home. After all, this is the part on which the entire house sits. A poor air conditioner or other dilapidated appliances can be replaced. Even walls, flooring, and plumbing can be fixed relatively easily. A compromised foundation, on the other hand, is grounds for moving on to another property.

In the fitness business, the foundation that we set with our members is of vital importance. Like a home, it forms the basis from which everything else is built.

This is why all of our members go through an on-ramp program – to build a solid, reliable foundation. We include nutrition and mobility as part of our on-ramp program as well.

In order to deliver the results our members desire, our on–ramp program is built with three goals in mind:

1. Introduction to our Services:

Our members will have a clear understanding of what private training, group training, and nutrition coaching are all about and the value that each service brings.

2. Build Relationships:

After the initial consult (“No Sweat Intro”), a beginning layer of trust is cultivated. Our Coaching Staff has our members best interests at heart, delivering the result that they are looking for. The better we know you, the better we can serve you.

3. Teach the member there is always more to learn:

Our goal here is simple: start with a few things that are important (for instance: how to hip hinge, squat, press, pull, and carry), show you how to win, and then teach you that things within movement build upon one another over time. This is also the time to review our culture and some of the things that typically come up.

– Where do my keys [and phone] go when I arrive?

– How do I sign in to class / my appointment?

– Why should I log my workouts?

-How early should I get to class / my appointment?

– Why is strength training important?

– But all I want to do is lose weight – should I still lift heavy?

– What does RX mean?

– What is this mobility stuff everyone talks about?

– How much weight should I be lifting?

– How will I know what movements I should be doing?

– What should I be eating before my workout? After?

-How often should I utilize the Evolt body composition scan?

– How many days should I workout each week?

– Is it ok to workout if I’m sore?

– No…like I’m realllllly sore…should I take something?

– What this Ascent Protein stuff? Do I need it?

We will answer these and more throughout our On-Ramp journey. Our job is to make our new members feel comfortable, right at home. And remember, a good home starts with a solid foundation. In the fitness industry, that foundation is our On–Ramp Program.

Feeling ready to experience our on-ramp program? Or schedule a No-Sweat Intro with us? Schedule here. We look forward to hearing from you.

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