2017 Year in Review


What a great year at CrossFit Torque!

Let’s take a look:


We added a month long Yoga class to help our athletes in the mobility realm.

We hosted our first WOD & WINE, Ladies only night! Over 30 friends joined us for a fun workout and enjoy some wine from Vinovations, our friends down the street.

We hosted a few CPR courses thanks to our member & officer Patty S!

Coach Amanda hosted a month long after-school program at a local Foxboro Elementary School for the third year in a row!


In February we challenged TorqueNation to it’s first BINGO contest! The competition was fierce!

We welcomed JumpNrope for the 4th time in four years, selling out 2 seminars in one day! We had a wicked blizzard that day too!

The 2017 Open begun where we had over 35 athletes participating!


A few of us were able to hear Coach Glassman, founder of CrossFit, speak about the fight against Soda at a local box.

We added more members to the 5 year loyalty club: Bryan, Merrr, Barnet, Cory & Patty!

Our kids in our CrossFit Kids program designed their own tee-shirts!

Our athletes finished up The Open STRONG and ready for Next year!


Athletes continued to surprise themselves: CrossFitting 9 months pregnant; while others kicked up into a handstand for the first time ever; and climbed to the top of the rope!

Another 5 year Vet added ColleenM; and our Kids continued to get stronger and healthier!

Average2Awesome Boot Camp’s 1st session started up with Coach Adam!

A basketball hoop made its way to our backyard! CFT attended a local health fair!


Summer BBQ happening here: started with a partner workout and ended with great food!

Welcomed Kettlebells4kids and local teachers to try out CrossFit!

New covers for our chalk buckets! Taking advantage of our amazing outdoor space!

Hosted an Olympic Lifting Class with Michael Lexner and then recruited him to Coach at TorqueNation!

Another great A2A session!

We finished up the custom Kids tees; and added another 5 year member ChristineJ!

7th Year hosting Memorial Day Murph; athletes love this one so much they tackle it on their own, like BryanV!


Hosted “Bring A Friend” Day; and worked as partners to complete synchronized burpees.

introduced Dynamic Drive to the schedule: a mobility class geared towards CrossFitters;

Another 5 year member ValG given the traditional tee shirt #5yearsstronger

Brody had his 8th birthday party at Torque!

Coach Jake’s Power Hour crushed twenty athletes!


Inaugural WODependence July 4th!

We learned about SFH protein products; and added another 3 athletes Candra, Amie & Rach to the 5 year club!

Bring A Friend Day added some more members to Torque!

ROMWOD was added to our programming and was made accessible to all athletes!


The Belcher’s, Torque’s FIRST ever members, finally wore their shirts together so we could capture it! They both joined up Jan 2011!

Athletes crushed the Tough Mudder!

The Flamingo challenge made it’s debut; we had visitors from out West; we added Erika to the 5 year club; and completed a fun Running challenge!


Members met Coach Jake & Carey at the track for a Labor Day workout, while Coach Merrr and friends ran a 5k!

September’s Challenge of improving your double-unders was extended to folks!

TorqueNation purchased a long-term investment to help Athletes reach their goals faster with science-based numbers: the InBody Scanner (body composition).

We invited Todd Cambrio, Kettlebell Specialist, to teach our coaches and athletes how to refine our skills.

Athletes raised awareness for k4k (kettlebellsforkids.org) and then tackled #AliStrong workout on 9/15.

We added Tad to the 5 year club! Val G surprised owner Amanda with a custom parking sign!

Lurong Living came by to teach us about Deer Antler Essential supplements; and athletes crushed the double-under challenge!


Hosted for a 6th time, JumpNrope for their amazingly fun and informative Double-Under seminars!

7th year participating in and supporting Barbells for Boobs!

New additions: the entry way looks awesome and athletes are loving the big fridge!

ColleenB and Carey made their way to the 5 year club.

Baby E joined TorqueNation!


Athletes ran the Fenway Spartan Race and others participated in their first CrossFit Competition in the south shore! We also “see you later” to 6 year member Val G who moved out west to WA state!

We introduced a new fun challenge: the pegboard! While Sara and Coach Jake crushed a partner workout!


Ember was introduced to the gym, at 6 weeks old! Coach Charley was added to the 5 year crew! The coaches had a fun coaches dinner at the Chace household!

We welcomed three new coaches in 2017: Michael, Carey & Charley!

It was a great 2017 and we are looking forward to an even better 2018!

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