2018 CrossFit Open Week 5 Sponsored by TorqueNation

2018 Reebok CrossFit Open, Week 5 brought to you by TorqueNation

Thank you to TorqueNation for being this weeks sponsor for The 2018 Open! They helped sponsor your free shirts and tanks! 

18.5 is announced Thursday live at 8pm on games.crossfit.com !

A few things to keep in mind:

*Friday the entire box will be completing the workout during class. Since you are registered for the games, you will have one of your coaches or​ fellow athletes as your judge tomorrow! We will take care of counting reps, keeping you true to the movement standards and cheering you on!

*YOU are responsible for watching the standards video and to have an idea of what you are doing when you come into class the next day!

*Please be respectful of the TorqueNation members who are not signed up for the open. They are looking to get a great workout in and we all need to work together to share space and equipment.

*Please take a moment to thank your coaches/judges for being there all day Friday to judge and even on Saturdays! They are long BUT REWARDING days!

*Thank Carey for taking photographs during the Open!

*Friday’s are the day the Open workout needs to be completed.

*However If you CANNOT do the workout FRIDAY, and you need to do it on Saturday, please let me know ASAP via email-  as YOU will be responsible for asking a friend/fellow athlete to judge you – find a friend first (asking a coach is your backup option). (Monday is an absolute last resort, and again you will be responsible for asking a fellow athlete to judge you.)

*ALL athletes are responsible for submitting their OWN scores on their own profile on the games site BEFORE Monday at 5pm. CrossFit HQ will not take any late submissions. They will not allow any late scores; and don’t rely on us to remind you to submit.

*There is a CrossFit Games App you can download that you can use to submit your scores. I suggest you do it right after your workout.

*Support and Cheer on your fellow athletes as they too are nervous and enduring the same workout!

*Come early or stay late to watch your friends go at the workout.

*Be supportive of those athletes not signed up for the open.

*Bring Jake a hot black coffee 🙂

Here’s to a great Open Season!

Amanda, Jake & TorqueNation Coaches & Staff


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