2022 Intramural Open Winners …


Final totals:
Trouble-Unders: 278
Donuts & Deadlifts: 245
Snatch-22: 212

(all explanations of the points written below are included in the total above)

Also want to give a huge shout out to two people who went above and beyond this year and earned themselves the Spirit of the Open! Rich Chace and Laura Fixicio both embodied the truest commitment to not only their team but also the spirit and support week after week.

Social media Posting: randomly selected: Snatch-22 for +1 point! 

Spirit winners: Trouble-Unders for almost having 100% participation in the Green St Paddy day theme! Kudos to Donuts & Deadlifts for their Pajama Day theme!

We want to give a HUGE shout-out to those who hit a new Personal Record on their Clean during 22.5! We hope everyone loved having a two part finale as well 🙂 

Top scores for 22.4

RX Female 39 under:
1st Amanda C Trouble-Unders
2nd Lynn Colvin Trouble-Unders
3rd Carrie Lieberthal Snatch -22

Scaled Female 39 Under: 
1st Amber Marchetto Trouble-Unders
2nd Shannon Maguire Snatch-22
3rd Lea Mahoney Snatch-22

RX Female 40 older:
1st Sara Chace Donuts & Deadlifts
2nd Kim Kipp Donuts & Deadlifts

Scaled Female 40 older: 1st Michelle Puhacz Snatch-22
2nd Chrissy Connors Donuts & Deadlifts
3rd Sarah Oulette Trouble-Unders

FoundationsFemale 39 Under:
1st Marissa Mihos Snatch-22
2nd Laura Lourenco Donuts & Deadlifts 

FoundationsFemale 40 older: 
1st Lune Cazeau Snatch-22

Masters: 1st Sue Shea Trouble-Unders

RX Male 39 under:
1st Rich Chace Donuts & Deadlifts
2nd John Gentile Donuts & Deadlifts

Scaled Male 39 under: 1st Mike Puhacz Trouble-Unders
2nd Jeff Miceli Snatch-22

RX Male 40 older: 1st Dan Smith Trouble-Unders
2nd Chris Chief Kehoe Donuts & Deadlifts (2nd by only :02sec in the tiebreak!)

Masters 1st Brian C Donuts & Deadlifts

Scaled Male 40 older: 
1st Jon Bourn DOnuts & Deadlifts
2nd Joe Mather Donuts & Deadlifts

Top scores for 22.​5

Female 39 Under
1st Amber Marchetto – 185 lb – Trouble-Unders
2nd 2-way tie between Amanda & Lynn Colvin – 175 lb – Trouble-Unders
3rd Shannon Maguire – 165 lb​ – Snatch-22

Female 40 Over
1st Sarah Chace – 225 lb – Donuts & Deadlifts
2nd Michelle Puhcaz – 150 lb – Snatch-22
3rd Hilary Hotchkiss – 145 lb Snatch-22

Male 40 Over​1st Dan Smith – 225 lb – Trouble-Unders
2nd Jon Bourn – 215 lb​ – Donuts & Deadlifts

Male 39 Under
1st Rich Chace – 255 lb​ – Donuts & Deadlifts ​
2nd 3 way tie between Jeff Miceli, Nat Hunter & Brian Lampert – 195 lb​ – Snatch-22

​We are insanely proud of every single person who participated in the Intramural Open and put themselves out there to be on a team! I know we all had fun – some more than others 😉

​We cannot thank enough, the Team Captains, as well as the Coaching Staff, and most importantly Chris Ciampa and Barnet Cohen for making ALL of this magic happen 4 weeks in a row. Not only is there SO much behind the scenes work to acknowledge, but also if you were not aware, the work didn’t end on Friday afternoons. Often you would find Chris and Barnet in on a Saturday morning and Monday throughout the day to help judge those who couldn’t attend Friday’s class. 

This Intramural Open would NOT be successful without these two – so please when you see them next – give them a BIG thanks and high five for making it all happen. They are two of the most humble people you’ll meet, so make sure to make it loud and clear 🙂 🙂 🙂

Until next year! 
​-Amanda & Sara

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