2nd Couch to 5K

This will be an 8-week program with a commitment of running 3x/week for about 30+ minutes each run. We will have group runs scheduled, but the idea is to carve out 3 times each week for you to run! 

At the end of the 8-weeks, there will be an organized group 5K run/walk with specific details to be announced. 

Meeting place – CrossFit Torque parking lot. 

REGISTER HERE: https://crossfittorque.pike13.com/courses/261635

The program is open to members and nonmembers. We encourage members to invite family and friends!

What else is included in this amazing program?

*InBody Scan before and after program to track muscle gain and fat loss (one runner saw a 10.2lb body fat loss over the 8weeks; another saw a 3lb muscle gain!).

*Nutrition Coaching and support

*Facebook group for accountability, coaching and support


Cost: $99

Did you know the benefits of running?

*creating good habits along

*improvement in overall mood

*stronger, more confident and energetic

*promotes a healthy lifestyle and meal planning

*lower risk of cancers and improved sleeps

You will not regret signing up!

Questions? admin@crossfittorque.com

2021 Couch to 5K
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