5+ Years & Going Strong: Lynne Griffith

Lynne joined us at CrossFit Torque back in 2011!

Official Start Date: January 2011

Owner & Coach Amanda’s words: 
Lynne is our fearless 68 year old, who never backs down from a tough workout. She has been with us since the beginning as well and always comes in to work hard. Her deadlift was one of the top female deadlifts (regardless of age) for a very long time. She is a great athlete and great member to have at the gym!
Words from Lynne: 
“I joined CFT approximately 6.5 years ago. I was very intimidated by this as I thought I would be quite a bit older than most people would be there. Well that turned out to be true,

but I very quickly found out that age did not matter one bit.

As I struggled to learn to run, someone faster than I would finish and come back and run with me. As I struggled with my burpees , someone that finished the wod ahead of me would be right there to help me finish. In the beginning at the old location it was always RobbeeB there to cheer me on and keep me going !! I continued to get stronger and stronger.
After a couple of years I could do kipping pull-ups, deadlift 260lbs, and compete in my first worldwide open competition for the games; I came in in the top 20% of my age group.

These are accomplishments that never would have happened without the help of the amazing Torque coaches, who are always there to watch my backs and keep me safe.

A year ago I had a problem with my back (unrelated to CrossFit training) and have lost a complete year at CFTorque.  Now that I am better there is no way I am going to live without CFT, so I am back learning all over again with Coach Adam’s Average2Awesome boot camp classes. He is amazing and soon I  hope to be able to go back to working out with my 6 a.m.peeps.  The people I have met at the box are amazing, always supportive and I hope to be with them for many years to come.”
5Year Lynne

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