6/6/18 | Wednesday

6/6/18 | Wednesday.
CrossFit Total.
1 Hour to establish a 1RM in:
Back Squat,
Strict Press,

Here are a few things to keep in mind today:
If it is your first time doing the Total, relax, have fun and see what you can do! It is a great opportunity to push yourself and establish some true 1RMs!
If you’ve done the Total multiple times and you’ve stayed consistent with your strength training, you should try to set your sights on a new PR in at least one of those lifts!
If you haven’t stayed consistent with your strength training, you should set some reasonable expectations for yourself and not necessarily expect a PR or a true 1RM, and then make a promise to improve in the next 6 months and take a another whack at it!

Compare to 12/6/17, 6/5/17, 12/6/16, 6/1/16, 12/4/15, 6/1/15, 12/6/14, 4/30/14, 12/20/13, 5/22/13, 12/6/12, 8/6/12, 5/23/12, 3/7/12, 12/6/11, 9/19/11, 5/6/11, 12/6/10.

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