April Member of the Month: Tom Penfield 


What’s something that other members may not know about me, My wife and I bought a house here in Foxboro in October 2022. We were renting in Quincy but my wife grew up in Norwood and teaches in Walpole, so we had aspirations to buy in this area after getting married in 2021. We have a chocolate lab pup named Boomer who has been a great addition to our family, and is keeping us busy! I work as a Senior Recruiter for MathWorks in Natick and when I’m not working or at CFT, I like to cook, snowboard in the winter, and spend the summer weekends at the in-laws house on Cape Cod. 

I joined CFT in January 2023 and haven’t missed a M/W/F class since. We had just moved to the area and I was looking for a gym to join, but I wanted to try something different and more challenging. I saw the great reviews on CFT and reached out to make an appointment, and it’s the best decision I’ve made to get back in shape.  

What keeps me coming back is the challenging workouts, the team environment, and the great coaches. It makes working out a lot more fun when the other members and the coaches are all so positive. No matter how your day is going before your workout at CFT, you know you’ll be greeted with positivity and an opportunity to step away from the world while you’re there…….

Completing the Intramural Open less than 2 months after joining is my greatest accomplishment thus far. I was pretty apprehensive to throw myself in, and didn’t think I was in shape enough to do it, but that proved to be wrong! The sense of accomplishment after completing it was amazing. 

My biggest challenge in every class is keeping the right form to execute the workouts correctly. Something Coach Dustin has emphasized the importance of since my on-ramp. I’ve seen improvements in all of my movements, but still have lots of room to grow. 

I really enjoy all the barbell workouts, whether it’s a focus on lower body strength, overhead, core, etc. But if I were to pick a movement, I’d say burpees. It’s a love/hate relationship but it’s a great body weight exercise that I’ve seen great progress in since joining. I think burpees are a good gauge of overall fitness. 

Just do it – jump right in and you will not regret it. The coaches are there to support you and get you ramped up to succeed in class, and then you’ll learn even more through the group class training. Workouts can be scaled to meet your fitness levels. It’s fun, you get a workout like you’ve never experienced before, and you’ll feel results every day. 

If you could have a super power I’d choose Teleportation. It’s better than flying and you can go anywhere at any point in time. That would be pretty neat! 

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