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August 2020 Athlete Focus: Haley Brown

Member Since: March 10, 2019

Haley is one of the nicest, yet quiet, members we have 🙂 An extremely hard worker once class begins, Haley always bring her best efforts to class! We are so impressed with her strength gain and are even more thrilled it’s directly affected her life in a positive way!

Coach Amanda

My passion for life is lived through boat racing!

I grew up around boats and being on the water. About seven years ago my father picked up this barn-find boat and restored it. Ever since I got behind the wheel I have been hooked.

I am part of a Father-Daughter vintage race team that we call The Dutchman Duo. Through this journey I have met many amazing people. Every summer I travel the country to participate in these events. I am fortunate enough that my Dad has passed this boat (007) onto me. Since then I have purchased several other vintage hulls to restore and make part of our “fleet”. With the constant abuse that 007 takes this means a lot of repair and maintenance.

This is where the fitness journey begins believe it or not. I have always had weak noodle arms. When working on engines you need to be the one in control, not the engine. In my case I was unable to do so; I became very frustrated. With a simple Google search of gyms near me, I found several gyms that offered what I was looking for. I tried these intro classes and I either left intimidated or feeling like I wouldn’t fit in there.

My sister recommended giving Torque a try. I am so glad I did. Right after my intro class with Coach Jake I couldn’t wait to sign up. Since being part of Torque I am so much stronger and am able to rebuild an engine and actually recently started rebuilding a boat. It’s so much easier now.

With success comes challenges and for a little while now my biggest challenge has been my personal life. It has hindered my progress for the lack of “me” time. I have had tremendous support from the Torque staff through the process, and within a short time will be regularly back at it in the group class.

My favorite part of Torque is that it doesn’t seem like you are working out; it feels like an adult version of a playground except everything is heavy.

My new goal is to become a better runner. I am currently in school furthering education to pursue a career in law enforcement. So now it is time to train my body. I am fully confident that I will reach my goals through Torque!

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