August 2023 Member of the Month: Carrie Lieberthal!

Member Since: May 14, 2021

“Carrie quickly found herself a new home at 6am. Carrie is really fun to Coach – she wants to do better each and every day, and takes our cuing and coaching seriously! She also knows how to have fun in class, often keeping us on our toes with her sarcasm 🙂 Here’s to many more years of coaching you, Carrie!” -Coach Amanda

I live in Mansfield with my wife Ashley, our 2 year old Linden and our 2 cats, Chupchik and Bissli our new kitten. I was shockingly NOT a cat person until 2019 when we adopted Chup as an adult rescue, then I learned how wonderful cats can be! A lesser known fact about me is that I moved coast-to-coast growing up so I’d describe my childhood and early adulthood as a little “transient”, moving every couple of years. I think that’s helped me to become more equipped to deal with change and connecting to new groups of people. 

A hobby of mine is following a bunch of different sports, including football, CrossFit (duh), and most recently F1 racing. I am a huge Patriots fan, and also get waaay too into Fantasy Football during the season. I usually have at least 2 teams I am managing in different leagues.

I started CrossFit while traveling for work, so I was bouncing between different gyms. When I stopped traveling as much, I tried a few gyms in the area, but for some reason or another (schedule, programming, global pandemic), I was looking for a change and most importantly accountability! I decided to try out Torque even though it was a little further from my house. I remember thinking “I’ve done CrossFit… why do I need an on-ramp?” But it was immediately clear that there was a method behind it – there was a focus on me meeting each coach, and really re-learning foundational skills with correct movement patterns. And as soon as I started my on-ramp, the welcoming nature of Torque was clear! Coaches and members were quick to introduce themselves, noticing I was a new joiner.

The combination of programming and coaching definitely keeps me fired up to come back, at 6am no less! The programming has its cycles and focuses, but it’s always a little bit different and well varied during the week. And the coaches are fantastic at taking that programming and helping each athlete scale appropriately, while still making sure that it’s still challenging! 

What is your favorite thing about CFT? It sounds cliché but definitely the people! The coaches and members are so welcoming. It takes a special community for 6-7am to become the best hour of the day! 

I’ve been really proud of my improvements over the years across many different movements. I’ve always been really into tracking my lifting PRs, but I have to say that I’m probably proudest of my double unders. It may sound silly to be “proud” of jump roping… But it took me YEARS, at least 3 years, to really get them. I’m not amazing at them by any means, but they don’t stop me in my tracks in a workout anymore. 

I often have an “all or nothing” mentality. It extends to many parts of my life – work, working out, nutrition, etc. So for me I am always trying to find balance. How can I dial in my nutrition, but still go out for dinner with my family? How can I carve out enough time to workout, while still having time to spend with loved ones? These are the questions I ask myself often, and I think what I am (slowly) learning is there is never a perfect balance, life ebbs and flows and I have to do my best to figure out what’s best for that day/month/year!

My favorite movements are definitely squat cleans. I’ll take power cleans too. If you give me a lifting complex, or an EMOM with single heavy squat cleans, I am super happy!

If you’re thinking of trying CrossFit here is what I have to say. I always like to share with folks that the experience of CrossFit as a workout program is really dependent on the CrossFit gym. Finding your space where all the factors – programming, schedule coaching style, and community really impact your experience. So the net of it is… just try it out!


I think teleportation would be my go-to. I love to travel and I have family all across the globe, but it’s so hard to find the time! Teleportation would make travel way easier! Ideally my teleportation powers would extend to others so I could bring Ashley and Linden along!

I just want to take the opportunity to thank Amanda, Sara and everyone at Torque for making it such a special and welcoming place!!

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