Average to Awesome Session: 2019 A2A's next 8 week session!

🔥 Leave Winter behind and Head into Spring this 2019 with 8 weeks of Average to Awesome Transformation Training Camp. 🔥

It’s as easy as A2A!

Join A2A and receive these benefits:

✔️ Kick-start your Metabolism and loose weight as a result
✔️ 💪 Get STRONGER 💪 …. Mentally and Physically
✔️ Improve your cardio
✔️ Sleep better at night 😴😊
Where: right here at CrossFit Torque! (127 Washington St, Foxboro, MA)
When: choose between
Monday & Wednesday @ 7-8 PM
Tuesday & Thursday @ 10-11 AM
Upcoming Session: 8 weeks! March 11 – May 2, 2019
Options: 16 classes for $199. or 8 classes for $110.
(Cash or Check. Terms & Conditions Apply)
Contact us for more details through comments, direct messenger or email (amanda@crossfittorque.com).
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