Barbell Club meets this July!

Barbell Club Meets this July!

Olympic Lifting Class is here!

Here’s your chance to learn from a trained Chinese Olympic Lifter! Coach Michael Lexner has a lot planned for the four classes. You don’t want to miss this opportunity!
This class is offered three times a week in order to give you three opportunities to make it in and learn!!  Each of the three classes within that week has the same agenda (so choose one of them). The classes will run over four weeks and we highly encourage you to make all four, but if you cannot then please definitely come to at least one of them!

Days & Times:

Wed July 5 10am OR 11am OR 7pm            (note 1st week is only Wed b/c of holiday)
Mon July 10 10am OR 11am      OR      Wed July 12 7pm
Mon July 17 10am OR 11am      OR      Wed July 19 7pm
Mon July 24 10am OR 11am      OR      Wed July 26 7pm


$50 cash for all four classes or $15 cash/class to drop-in. Register by emailing !


Week 1: Snatch Pull & Hang Snatch; 2 Hang Cleans & Jerks; Back Squats; Weighted Dips
Week 2: Snatch Balance; Tall Clean; Jerk Position Press; GHD Situps
Week 3: Muscle Snatch + OHS Hold 15 sec; Clean Pull & Power Clean; Back Squat
Week 4: Snatch, Clean & Jerk; GHD Sit-ups; Weighted Dips

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