Bright Spot: Lynne Climbs Rope at 74!

Bright Spot Friday celebration: being able to climb a rope at 7️⃣4️⃣.

Meet Lynne. Lynne is 74 years old. But you’d never guess that based on how she moves and works her butt off at Torque.

Lynne joined CrossFit Torque back in January 2011, just two months after we opened our doors.

A loyal member and supportive classmate, Lynne has graduated from our main group classes into our ForeverFit classes, a program we added 6 years ago.

We are proud of you Lynne!

Think you’re ‘too old’ to start? Nah. Lynne was 61 when she started. You can start now too.

Don’t believe us? Message us and we will connect you directly to Lynne and you can ask her anything you want.

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