Coach Jake!

Coach Jake Mourtada!

My favorite thing about @jakemourtada is that he’s constantly working on something. He’s always showing me new movements he’s learning, telling me about a book he’s reading, or talking about something he’s building at home. He’s excited about life, which tranTorque Health and Fitnesss to his coaching & his ability to excite & motivate us as athletes. -Rachael

Coach @jakemourtada has been a #torquenation member since Oct 2012 when he was a senior in high school. He committed himself to Fitness, working out at CFT each day after school.

Quickly realizing this #crossfit stuff was pretty cool, Jake attended his #level1cert so he could start changing others lives for the better.

Jake has come a long way in his coaching journey … shadowing & co-coaching to leading one class weekly; this last year becoming our lead coach… Jake is a staple in our Athletes lives. 

Currently learning how to master a cartwheel, Jake is always up for learning and tackling a new challenge!

Thank you to Coach Jake for your daily dedication to our athletes! #trainforlife#mylifestyle #torquenation #torquecoaches

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