CrossFit Total is this Friday!

CrossFit Total, this Friday December 6, 2019!

The CrossFit Total is a test of your pure strength: Back Squat, Strict Press & Deadlift. You will spend the class attempting a new 1 rep max for each lift.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

***If it is your 1st time doing the Total, relax, have fun (!) and see what you can do! It is a great opportunity to push yourself and establish some true 1RMs!

***If you’ve done the total multiple times and you’ve stayed consistent with your (strength) training & nutrition, you should try to set your sights on a new PR (personal record) in at least one of those lifts! 

***If you haven’t been as consistent as you have wanted, you should set reasonable expectations for yourself and not expect to hit a new PR, and then make a promise to improve your training and nutrition in the next 6 months and take another whack at it in June 2020!

Goodluck friends!

PS: Come 10-15 minutes early BEFORE class officially starts, to warm up and stretching out your ‘weaker’ points. This is a jam packed class!

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