Feb 2023 Member of the Month: Neila Schweitzer

Teen Class Member Since: November 29, 2021

“Neila is incredible to have in Teens class. She is always trying her hardest to do the movements without fault. She quickly learned the hang clean this past week! Her perseverance and attitude towards all things is remarkable. She is the first to say hello to a new Teen member, and is so supportive of her classmates. We are forever thankful she has joined us!”     – Coach Jen

I have two older sisters and a dog named Flipper. If I had the ability to be a superhero I think I would want to be able to freeze time because then I can address the bullies out there.

I love to play sports, specifically softball, volleyball, and basketball. To keep track of my hectic life, all of the activities go on the weekly calendar so I have a visual of it and I can see what I need to do.I love seeing CrossFit Torque Teens on there Tuesday & Thursday’s.

I joined CrossFit Torque because my parents suggested it and I thought it sounded like a great idea to get stronger and better at sports. They were right!

What keeps me coming back to Torque is the Coaches, who I love working with. It also helps that every class is different!

My biggest accomplishment at Torque is confidently being able to do a Box Jump! At first, I thought they looked really hard, but once I learned how to do them, I got in the groove and they are fun now.

My toughest workout are the BIG metabolic conditioning days – I have to fight through the pain and heavy breathing.

I think one of my favorite movements in CrossFit is the Bench Press.

To my fellow Teens who have heard of CrossFit but have been a little hesitant to start – Join me! I have so much fun and I love it! I have gotten so much stronger and I have much more confidence playing sports.

At first I struggled, but the coaches and other athletes have pushed me through each and every workout.

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